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3 Must-Have Books To Get CompTIA A+ Certification Faster

Every CompTIA A+ hopeful wishes to know a secret that can help to obtain this prestigious certification on the first attempt. The desperation of instant success comes with the fact that earners of this designation are welcomed with open arms by the industry, owing to their unmatched cognizance of key A+ Practice Test concepts.

But as you can see, not everything is as easy as it sounds. Let’s get to know the hurdles that await you and the top 3 books that will give you the needed confidence to overcome them.

Is It Difficult To Get A+ Certificate?

Indeed, CompTIA certification can work on you once you’ve aced two exams: Core 1 (220-1001) and Core 2 (220-1002). As you understand, two tests are standing between you and the desired validation. Both these exams which you are to take last for 90 minutes and assess the candidates’ expertise over a wide range of topics, using the 90 questions. Meanwhile, the real hurdle is a high passing score. For Network+ Practice Test ,  securing 675 out of 900 is essential. The passing score for the 220-1002 exam is a bit higher i.e. 700/900. This is enough to give sweaty palms to any of the examinees.

3 Books To Refer

So, here is the secret recipe of CompTIA A+ success! Just mix self-study with the official training course. These two components, when used in the best possible manner, are going to do wonders for the CompTIA A+ accreditation exams. 

Thus, the CompTIA training course is one and only. But, which book needs to take on board? This is a burning question and here is the answer.

  • CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide

Check this out on Amazon and you’ll get to know why this book is mentioned in the first place. It is a must-have as all topics are fully covered, and the relevance and reliability of the information are unquestionable. Security+ Practice Test is a great author and knows what all it takes to weave success in the CompTIA A+ qualifying exams. He has bought all the learning objectives, passing tips, real-time examples, and practice tests together. In other words, if you have this edition by heart then you can see success approaching you.

Who Wrote it? – Mike Meyers

  • CompTIA A+ Certification Study Guide 

So, 100% exam objective coverage and hands-on exercises are the reasons behind including this book in the list. The FC0-U51 have explained the topics with a proven methodology. You can’t miss it as this edition includes instructions about operating system configuration, as well as effective troubleshooting and security procedures. All of this is combined with self-tests and step-by-step exercises to ensure your success on the final A+ grade.

Who Wrote it? – Faithe Wempen and Jane Holcombe

  • The Ultimate CompTIA A+ Certification Core 1 and Core 2 Training Bundle

This training package is going to take you a step closer to the CompTIA A+ success. This is because you can easily master PC components, display devices, multimedia, storage, and internal system components by the end of the reading. Meanwhile, the cleared lessons and verified concepts will surely increase your proficiency.

Who Wrote it? – James Pengelly and Pam Taylor

Ending Note

It’s normal if you get excited to earn the CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 on the first attempt. However, it is better to take a comprehensive approach and arm yourself with official materials as well as third-party resources, such as the three books suggested. Many A+ certified specialists have already laid their faith in them and they haven’t disappointed any. So, the next step is up to you!