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Is a Floating Frame Right For Your Home Design?

Picture frames are a fun and sophisticated way to decorate your home and display some of your favorite artwork or memories. We, as humans, are a very visual species that likes to see visual representations of what makes us happy, pictures are one way that we can show others what we love while creating a visual reminder of it for ourselves every day. There are so many ways to display photos and artwork, that limiting your display to only one type seems a disservice. That being said, being able to learn a bit more about a specific frame type, like a floating frame, can help you decide if it is right for you and your home.

When Did Picture Frames Become Popular?

The first picture frame was invented as far back as 50 AD. Frames were first introduced by the ancient Greeks as a way of adding emphasis to their gorgeous artwork that often graced the walls of homes and public spaces. These frames were used namely to help create sections of paintings or scenes and to help denote the contrast and clear definition between what was happening in each frame.

Wooden frames have been found in Egyptian tombs and have been found to be intact. These frames were often built right onto the wall, as the artwork was done directly on the wall as well. The real popularity of frames that you could put artwork into and move around did not grow until the twelfth century. Frames were a huge part of the decor of churches. Frames slowly became more available to the masses and would eventually become a part of the average home.

What is A Floating Frame?

There are hundreds of different styles and types of picture frame out there, so many in fact that it can become difficult to partition them off into different categories. Most picture frames consist of a few different components. The frame itself, a sheet of glass or plastic that is used to protect the art, a mat to surround the art and a backing that holds it all in place. This is the traditional anatomy of a picture frame that we are all familiar with and no doubt have plenty of in our homes. That being said, this is a very rigid and structured way to display art in the home.

For some, this is a fine way of showing off art and pictures, and it serves its purpose well. For others, it may seem a bit stilted or harsh and hard lined. Floating frames are a way to get the look of a frame and a framed piece of art, without the glass and the separation of a typical picture frame. Floating frames are just that. They are frames that allow the piece of art from within the frame to appear as if it is floating in the frame. Instead of being hidden behind a sheet of glass or plastic, the art is free inside the frame and is simply nestled in.

Where to Use Floating Frames?

If you have artwork like a canvas for instance that does not fit into a typical frame, but you still want the look of a framed piece of art, a floating frame is a perfect solution. This allows you the look of having a framed canvas without having to have a frame custom-made and without having to find a frame that is bulky enough to house your canvas. This is also a great solution if you want a framed piece, but you want a more modern look.

Floating frames are at once structured like a normal frame, but at the same time they have a freeness and feeling of ease that makes them perfect for nearly any setting. These frames come in all shapes and sizes as well. Instead of a simple frame that can be boring and one note, a floating frame gives you a bit of freedom, even allowing you to add things to the frame and to the overall look of the piece. These can be hung anywhere in the home and are easy to maintain and even easier to swap out artwork as you see fit.

A great floating frame is a fantastic way to frame more difficult pieces without having to struggle to figure out how you are going to manage it and worrying about how it will look in the end. These frames can be excellent opportunities for design pieces as well. You can get fun colors, shapes, and even more traditional looking frames that are still open and are still considered to be free floating. The right frame is out there for your art or pictures, you just have to be willing to take the time to look for it.

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