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Exclusive Photo Gifts For All Occasions

When it comes to gifting your loved ones, there are so many options, and the personalised gifts based on pictures and photos are pretty popular. Many individuals opt for canvas prints that feature photos of their friends and family members or some beautiful places, such as travel destinations. 

Giving photo-based gifts to your friends and family members shows that you love and support them. Moreover, canvas prints and other types of custom prints (think metal prints, for example) work for just any occasion! But what are the options beyond panel prints? Here are just some of the best examples.

Best photo gifts for your loved ones

There are numerous types of gift options based on personal photos available on the market. Here are our favorites, available at

  1. Star Map Prints: The star map prints come in bold and clean shades. Every map features a unique star configuration at the chosen moment of time, making it an ideal personalised gift. The maps have a stylish matte finish that delivers a strikingly modern aesthetics. It’s accentuated by an elegant décor frame that comes in wood finishes. 
  2. MixBlox: The MixBlox are thick acrylic glass boxes that come with photos printed on them. They deliver unrivalled versatility, and the photo prints are magnified with special 3D effects. They stand out as excellent gifts that you can give to your friends or family members on any occasion. The best thing about the MixBlox is that they do not break or crack easily because they are resistant to shocks and knocks.
  3. Photo Mugs: If you are looking for a gift to provide someone on their birthday or wedding anniversary, a mug with their photo printed on it will be a good choice. The mugs are made from high-quality materials and come in both right and left handles. Microwave- and dishwasher-safe, the photo mugs are fantastically durable and practical.
  4. Photo Blanket: Ideal for snug evenings and cozy times of self-indulgence, the photo blanket comes in superbly vibrant colors and high-quality print resolution. The blanket is made from soft and cuddly fleece that is machine washable (just don’t forget to choose the cool cycle). You can use this blanket at home or take it to the picnic, use it yourself or give it as a unique personalised gift – either way, there will be a place for a custom photo blanket in any household.

Parting Thoughts

Gifts should be unique and memorable. For such reasons, photo-based items, such as canvas prints and home accessories, stand out as the best choices for gifts. And these days you can get these photo products at an affordable price range, and quickly place your order at the online store. 

You can get more information at the custom printing websites, such as, as it will direct you towards the best gifts that are ideal for any event.