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Cleaning Habits That Will Help Keep Your Air Clean

Indoor air quality is an increasingly important topic as more and more studies show the number of contaminants that live in our homes. The thing is, these airborne pollutants like pet dander, dust mites and more are hard to see, which makes them hard to remove on our own.

When it comes to keeping your air quality clean, it’s vital that you get into some good habits. Not just one thing can purify your air, but a combination of practices will make a significant impact.

For one, we know that high quality replacement furnace filters can help filter out the pesky allergens that contaminate our air, but there are also some good cleaning habits that, when combined with a furnace filter, will make all the difference for your indoor air.

These are the cleaning habits that, when combined with a functioning furnace filter and proper internal home ventilation, can make all the difference for the indoor air quality of your home:

Cleaning Your Carpets

According to the American Lung Association, carpets are notorious for collecting contaminants like lead, mold spores, dirt, dust, pesticides, pet dander, dust mites & more. It’s important to vacuum regularly to avoid build-up of these particles — but more on that later.

Carpets also give off VOC emissions that will contaminate your indoor air. To reduce such emissions, the United States Environmental Protection Agency suggests using ventilation techniques within 72 hours of laying your carpet. It’s vital that you air out the area after installing a carpet.

Vacuum Regularly

The association suggests that it’s best to vacuum at minimum three times a week using a HEPA filter
to avoid collection of particles like dust and mold spores, especially in places like carpets.

Vacuums have gotten a bad rap for pushing dust and bacteria back into the air, but the tool has since had advancements to protect our air better. Still, it’s vital that you clean out your vacuum filter to ensure that it’s collecting bacteria and not just moving it around.

Use Unscented Cleaning Products

According to CTV News, a study by the Environmental Defense showed that there was a 120 percent increase in VOC pollutants after utilizing standard cleaners in a home. This goes to show that a lot of common cleaners are more harmful than you think.

The chemicals in cleaners become airborne and pose as a hazard to your health and indoor air. The best thing you can do is use natural cleaners like baking soda solutions to keep your house — and your air — clean.

Damp Mops & Cloths

When you are using a dry mop or cloth, you aren’t cleaning up dirt as much as you are just moving it around and allowing it to become airborne.

Use a damp cloth or mop to wipe down floors and other surfaces — it picks up dust a lot better than any dry material.

Keeping Your Bathrooms Sanitized

With all the bacteria that lives in bathrooms, it’s vital to keep your bathroom disinfected. After all, it’s a damp area that if not kept clean and dry can be susceptible to moisture and mold.

Just remember, stay away from chemical cleaners when disinfecting your bathroom. Combine vinegar and baking soda to clean your drains, and microfiber cloths with water to wipe down bathroom surfaces.

If you combine some of these cleaning strategies with other air purifying tools like furnace filters and effective ventilation, it will make a world of a difference for your indoor air quality.