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How to Find Reputable and Affordable Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Zero-turn lawn mowers are the best and most advanced mowers on the market that you can buy. The mowers have an almost zero-turn radius, making them move faster, maneuver around trees and shrubs while also being useful for small areas and large areas alike.

Unlike other lawn mowers, they are more expensive due to their unmatched mobility and excellent performance. However, they always provide great value for money.

Perhaps you have your heart set on a zero turn mower? Perhaps you have been looking at a specific line or product for an extended period of time. You may ask yourself if it is possible to find cheap zero turn mowers? All you need is to know what to look for and where to get them. In this article, we take a look at how to find these types of mowers.

Consider the brand

Before investing in any machinery, you mostly look at the brand company that appeals to you. From mobile phones and televisions to any other gadget.

Some of the leading brands include Toro, Husqvarna, John Deere, and Bobcat. Other notable brands are Ariens, Snapper, and Swisher. There are many different brands to consider too.

Because of competition and variety, you are likely to find a mower that suits your budget and mowing needs.

Purpose of the mower

Manufacturers design mowers for different purposes. One may be adapted for the home while another for commercial use. Also, the size of the land is a factor to consider.

Categories of Zero-turn mowers are:

  • Entry-level zero-turn mowers.
  • Mid-range zero-turn mowers.
  • Heavy-duty zero-turn mowers.
  • Commercial zero-turn mowers.

Companies manufacture these different categories for different purposes with different engine sizes and horsepower. For instance, entry-level mowers are ideal for homeowners with big backyards, while mid-range mowers work best in a land that has trees and other landscaping elements to maneuver around.

Heavy-duty mowers are better suited for those with plenty of land or market farms, while commercial mowers are for landscaping professionals and cover even bigger chunks of land.

Internet Reviews

You need to conduct research on what kind of mower suits your needs as well as compare different brands and sellers.

The reviews provide crucial information such as a zero-turn lawn mowers horsepower, their warranty, and availability.

Also, the reviews will provide you with information on the strengths and weaknesses of the mowers. With such information, you can make a clear and objective decision.

Identifying dealers can prove to be an arduous task. Through reviews, you can quickly identify a dealer to approach and obtain an affordable lawn mower.

Machine specifications

Finding a reputable lawn mower depends on what you look for in a machine and your needs. Different specifications will command different prices.

Some of the specifications to consider include:

  • Horsepower and Engine size
  • Deck style and sizes
  • Speed
  • Control system

Horsepower and engine size affect fuel consumption. When you think about the speed of the mower, you spend less time cutting grass.

The ease of handling a lawnmower depends on the control system. For instance, some mowers are harder to control when dealing with slopes.

Special consideration

Do you prefer new or used lawn mowers? At times, you can unearth a gem in seasons when owners sell their mowers when looking to upgrade.


It is best to obtain a lawnmower that suits your needs and preferences. Keeping in mind that expensive does not always mean the best. Acquiring an affordable and less costly mower is of immense eventual value.

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