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An Assortment of Unique & Best Gifts for Pilots: The 6 Best Gifts to Buy for Pilots in 2019

Let’s be honest: pilots are a rare breed of people. These folks do things that none of us can do. There is a huge difference between being a pilot and being a passenger, because the former gets to feel the sensation of flight on a day-to-day basis.

Now, when it comes to the best gifts for pilots, you will want to pick something that not only showcases practical dependency and seamless precision but also combines high-flying thrills and creativity. A great gift for pilot is that which is both personal and startling. Check out the following 6 best gifts to buy for pilots in 2019.

6 Best Gifts for Pilots in 2019

Flyboys F-16 Viper Pilot Kneeboard

Most professionals in other fields have a desk, but pilots write on their laps. Getting a kneeboard for a pilot in your life will help them keep phones, tablets and other accessories easily accessible. So, they can write effortlessly on their laps during flight.

The kneeboard is 9 inches long and the clipboard area is 8 by 5 inches. When not in use it tri-folds for painless storage. Flyboys F-16 Viper Pilot Kneeboard is available in four different colors including black, navy blue, desert tan, and olive green.

Also, it features up to seven eyelets for securing plastic pages, checklists, tools or an in-flight guide. Your pilot ally will be able to clip a loose leaf ring through the eyelet then fasten it to charts to keep them in reach. There is an adjustable strap for keeping the kneeboard in place throughout the flight.

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30

Does a pilot in your life love capturing in-flight footage? If so, the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 is one of the best gifts for pilots who love to capture interesting adventures amidst flights. It comes with an easy-to-use, lightweight and waterproof action camera.

The camera can capture fantastic 4K/30fps videos, and includes built-in stabilization for keeping footage steady even when the camera is in an unstable position. Voice-controlled recording enables the pilot to record and take pictures with simple voice commands.

Top-rated Portable Charger

As we all know, aviators are special folks who are always on the go. They happen to be away from home for extended periods, hence getting them a high-quality portable charger would be a choice gift.

The 26800mAh device can charge a Smartphone more than six times and a tablet more than two times. On average, it provides up to nine days of unrestrained usage and can charge up to three devices all at once.

Van Heusen Short-Sleeve Aviator Shirt

One of the must-have gifts for pilots is a classic professional aviator shirt. Van Heusen short-sleeve aviator shirt is made from 35% cotton and 65% polyester, and can be a favorite gift for commercial aviators.

Taking care of it is a breeze, since it is machine washable. The spread collar provides a more modern appeal while still maintaining the right level of professionalism.

On the shirt’s front, there are two flat pockets including a pencil slot for easy storage and quick access to items. The shirt also has an extra-long tail, so your pilot friend can tuck in for ease of movement in and out of the plane’s cockpit.

Three-Dimensional Airplane Card

The three-dimensional airplane card is an elegant pop-up card whose front features a quirky illustration of a flying airplane bordered by fluffy clouds. Inside the card (when opened) is a 3D commercial jet airplane, which appears to be “taking off” from the middle of the card.

This three-dimensional airplane has plenty of magnificent details, including airplane windows and much more. This is an exceptional way to add a touch of aviation theme to the best gifts for pilots.

Vintage Airplane Pilot Plaque with Customized Name Plank

A vintage-style wooden plaque is an excellent gift for the cloud-diving, skywriting, storm-chasing, barnstorming lifelong pilot in your life. It comes with a hanging name board, fully customized in old-fashioned style. This original gift is one of our favorite aviation gift ideas for pilots.