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Shaving with a Safety Razor is so Much Better

 Do you want to shave? Do you know that shaving with a safety razor is so much better? A safety razor is a shaving instrument with a guard that moves along the surface of the skin to limit the contact of sharp edges with your skin. Because of this, it incredibly reduces the chances of injuring yourself while shaving.

These amazing shaving items are now available in many brands and one of the most common, high products is the Merkur 23C. The safety razors from Merkur not only protect you from injury but also have many different advantages, including:

  • The ideal entry-level razor

This is the starter safety razor to consider when making that shift from traditional shaver to safer shavers. Even you are that person with exceptionally sensitive skin and you are clumsy, you can use the Merkur 23c shaver with no problem.

Traditional disposable razors are expensive in the long run because you can’t keep on re-using them, unlike the safety razors. With the Merkur 23c, you won’t hate throwing them away. They maintain the sharpness for so long. 

  • Reasonable value point

Another reason why you can consider this razor is is no doubt that the Merkur 23c safety razor is a double edge razor that can be purchased online for few dollars. If you are looking for the cheapest possible safety shaver with minimal skin deterioration, but prefer not to switch to a traditional razor, then a Merkur 23c may be your best bet.

  • Provides a close shave

If you need an incredibly close shave with just a little bit of learning and adjustment expectation, then this is the razor to consider. The application of a Merkur 23c safety razor requires a little thought and fixation than using a cartridge razor. undeniably less complicated than using a razor.

  • No frequent sharpening required

The dual edges of the Merkur 23c don’t need the sharpening and honing that a conventional razor needs, either. All you have to do is replace the used sharp edges with new ones as they will become blunt.

  • Assortment of grip plans

They come in wide selections with different handle designs. This implies that you can’t miss finding a perfect grip that will help you find a comfortable grip for a smooth shave with the least conceivable skin disturbance.

  • Ecological advantages

As stated by shaving specialists, you use safety razors many times fewer razor cartridges. This means there is less rubbish to dispose of. Extremely sharp steels that come inside these razors are made with a solitary metal disposable cutter and can thus be easily reused in a climate-friendly manner.


The Merkur 23c is the product to think about when looking for safety razors for many reasons that we have stated above. It is environmentally friendly, comes in various designs, does not require frequent sharpening, and gives a close shave. Moreover, they are affordable and easily available. They can be purchased online from a reliable seller.