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How to Choose and Wear Men’s Sweatpants?

For years now, sweatpants have been the ideal piece of clothing to wear around the home, whilst shopping in town, for casual events and even for sporting activities (like jogging, as the name may suggest). They are such a versatile wardrobe staple these days that they can pretty much be worn on any occasion, but how can you be sure to choose the right type and how should you be wearing yours?

Choosing the Right Type of Sweatpants

There are many variations of sweatpants for men. These include:

  • Regular
  • Loose fit
  • Slim fit
  • Combat sweatpants

Regular Sweatpants

These styles are in-between loose and slim/skinny-fitting sweatpants, and they provide comfort and style. Due to their slightly baggy nature, they can be excellent for use in a gym or around the house – and they often come in either open or elasticated styles, allowing you to choose how you want to wear yours at the ankle.

Loose Fit Sweatpants

These types of sweatpants are loose as standard, meaning that you have full movement of your legs, as well as breathability. They can be a little inconvenient in the gym as it’s always recommended to wear tighter clothing to avoid the risk of items getting caught in machines and causing accidents, but for general use and wearing around the home, they are ideal and highly comfortable.

Slim Fit Sweatpants

These sweatpants boast style, comfort and can make an excellent item of apparel for gym and sporting activities. Although designed to hug a person’s legs as standard, the materials used in their composition are still flexible enough to bend and stretch with relative ease. They can also be paired with other items of clothing and accessories for a sleek, casual style that suits a variety of occasions.

Combat Sweatpants

The ultimate sweatpants for casual events while retaining comfort; combat sweatpants are versatile in the sense that they are enjoyable to wear, but boast additional features like reinforced pockets to store your accessories safely. These pockets can be open, buttoned closed, or zipped shut for extra reassurance – and they can be paired with all types of clothing to create a certain outfit style.

We can’t pick a favourite, but we know that most people will have a preference, and there’s really no reason why you couldn’t opt for a few pairs of each to really keep your options open.

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