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10 Tips for Creating a Spectacular Living Room Design

Are you looking for ways to make your house feel welcoming and unique? The living room is one of the easiest ways to achieve this because it is a place where guests and family gather to spend time together. This space provides an area for bonding, relaxation, entertaining, and socializing. 

The goal of the perfect living room space is to make it suitable for any occasion. To transform your space, follow along for the top 10 tips for creating a spectacular living room design. 

1. Set the Mood

If you are intentional about what you want in the room, you can influence how your guests feel in your space. For example, colors can energize or relax the mood depending on how warm or cool they are. Color schemes in blues or whites can make living rooms feel calm or soft, which can be great for elegant gatherings. 

Make sure that you don’t go overboard in one color. Using light colored carpets can subtly warm up the space as to keep the cool tones in balance. 

2. Furnish Your Walls and Ceilings

It is common to see living rooms have more elaborate wall décor than other rooms because they are more of a shared space. Reflecting on your specific style will make it welcoming and expressive of your personality.

Wallpaper is a great option to add texture, a chic print, and bring warmth to the walls. This can be a cheap and effective method because it is fast to install and is not permanent. This can give the walls a look of antiquity. 

3. Incorporate Stylish and Comfortable Flooring

Floor covering should provide comfort underfoot, but it should also make a design statement too. Those who prefer less of a bold flooring type can opt for a solid neutral flooring that allows guests’ attention to draw more towards the furniture or art.

Hardwood floors with carpet pieces are typically the most common type of flooring found in living spaces. Other options can include full carpet, ceramic tile, or stone tile. 

4. Choose a Focal Point 

Oftentimes natural focal points can be built into the design of your living room. Fireplaces are built in to symbolize the hearth of the home, and windows can create a beautiful view, but the true center of attention in most living spaces today is the television. If this is the case for your room, try to place the television in a space that can be seen easily in every area, and include other details that catch the eye to spice up your area. ‘

5. Add Lots of Greenery

Plants can make the perfect finishing touch to any modern design. This is especially great for those who are on a tight budget, live in a rental, or those who do not want to invest much in decorating. Greenery can add life and freshness to your room and give you something to enjoy doing in every day life. 

6. Shop Intentionally

Living room furniture can be pricey, especially when you don’t have an exact idea of the things you want to buy. If you aren’t sure, try to buy the larger items first and work from there. This will allow you to slowly piece things together instead of buying random objects that you change your mind on later. 

Even though it can be easy to want to penny pinch, make sure you get furniture that is good quality so that it will last you a long time and be the most comfortable that you can get. offers some great deals for selections that will make a perfect fit to any living space. 

7. Arrange Furniture Often 

You should think about rearranging your items often to help come up with ideas for your space. These areas are used to promote conversation and interaction so your layout should make this easy to do. Seating should be pulled away from big items and make sure to face them together. 

If your space is rather large, you can try to break it into two conversational groups for a more intimate feel. Chairs and smaller furniture can be moved to expand if guests need. 

8. Create Space for Lighting

Light should be arranged to create a relaxed and comfortable mood. Light sources should form a triangle and create layers of light to distribute well.

Table lamps are great for aiming the light down and encouraging people to sit down. Mirrors can also be the perfect touch to brighten a space with no power as the light bounces off, and they add decor. 

9. Choose How To Dress Windows

One step to furnishing living rooms that people often forget is dressing windows. Floor to ceiling draperies create a dramatic and elegant look, but can be too much for some people. Others opt for more simple blinds or curtains.

When you make your decision, you should think about the amount of light you want to block and the privacy that you desire. This can help you narrow down your search. 

10. Accessorize

You can make your space truly come alive when you display art or collections that you are into. Items that have an impact or that can create a story will gain the most attraction and popularity from your visitors. 

Upgrade Your Living Room Design Today

If you have a small space or want to make your living room feel more welcoming and spacious, start with the steps above to achieve the makeover you want. Living room designs come to life when you add fun pillows, art, and plants to the mix. 

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