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solar power system

Why Home Solar In America Can Drastically Cut On The Energy Bills

The cost of electricity has risen steadily over the years and is a major concern for most homes across the United States. How do I go about cutting on the energy cost without affecting my home décor? Being able to cut on the cost of energy is always a relief for all homeowners. It means you can save a few bucks for use on other home improved projects.

From kitchen appliances, light, heating elements, TV and much more, there is always an item that runs on electricity. The bad news is that we can’t do without these items and we must be creative to save on energy and still enjoy the benefits they offer.

Sometimes going for solar energy is a perfect idea apart from the initial installation fee and some miscellaneous costs. Home solar in America is becoming quite popular since you will not require significant maintenance costs once the system is in place. However, apart from solar, there are several other ways you can save on energy. So, what are these simple ways to cut on your energy expenditure?

solar power system

Is home solar in America a worthy investment?

Installing a solar system will for sure cost you a lot of money up front. There is no shortcut around it and let nobody lie to you that the initial costs will be cheap. However, the entire system once fully in place has a lifespan of over 25 years with little maintenance. This simply means the system will recover its value and the whole installation cost. In most cases, this system repays its value and installation fee in a few years taking away the stress of grappling with monthly energy bills.

Solar is clean energy and does not come with any impurities. In fact trends in the real estate show that people are nowadays looking for homes with pre-installed solar panels. You will not just be saving on the cost of energy but also increase the value of your home should you decide to move in future. This is one advantage homeowners might not see in the short while, but one that will pay dividends, in the long run, should you decide to sell.

With a steady supply of sun, solar energy is one of the most reliable forms of energy out there. You will not experience the usual power outages. It is even more beneficial in states that are sunnier like Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

This is clean energy that benefits others by ensuring a pollution free world. While saving on the cost of energy, you will also be reducing the carbon dioxide emissions. It is worth noting that the United States ranks among the biggest CO2 producing countries in the world. Part of these emissions is in the process of generating electricity. Installing a solar system in your home makes you play a key role in reducing global warming. Solar panels get all their energy from the sun and emit zero wastes. Statistics from the Solar Institute, ( show that installing a solar system in your home can reduce the emission of C02 by 100, 000 pounds which are equivalent to your car being driven 1000, miles.

It is quite obvious you don’t need a better reason to install a solar system at your home. There is a lot to gain from a solar system in your home in the long run.

Apart from home solar in America, we also have simple ways to save on energy and reduce the cost of electricity. These ways include:

solar power system

Energy efficient window attachments

30 percent of home energy gets lost through windows while 75% of heat energy in window panels enters our homes during summer. Getting the ideal window attachments at home can reduce the heating and cooling bills. You need to choose a window covering that matches well with your interior décor while at the same time is easy to operate.

Operable window covers give you control when you want privacy. You can have them fully closed, partially closed or open depending on the needs of your home. Not all window attachments are operable, but those that are operable tend to offer you options to save on energy. On top of the window covers, you can also get window insulators to help reduce heat loss. Other excellent window attachments are quilts which open by rolling and close by unrolling. These are quite flexible and enable you to control heat gain and loss saving on energy.

Landscaping for energy efficient

You can also landscape your outdoor space in a unique way that not only adds beauty to your home but also helps reduce the cost of heating and cooling. A well-positioned tree near your home can provide the perfect shade while at the same time acting a windbreaker. Landscaping your home to get shade at parts of the house is an ingenious way to save on energy.

Smart meters

Lastly, we have smart meters that help you monitor how energy is consumed in your home. These smart meters are different from the conventional meters you use. They record not only the amount of energy spent but also the specific time the energy was spent. This way, you get to know the time you spend most energy and how best you can minimize it.

Knowledge of how energy is spent in your home can help you come up with better ways to save. You get to alter the energy patterns and still monitor to see if the changes are working.

Final verdict

Saving on the electricity bill will give you the freedom to decorate your home with all manner of lights without the fear of bills. Our homes are the best investment, and there is no harm digging a little deep in the pocket to make your home the best which is why can help you if you need such services.

Apart from the home solar installation discussed above, the extra tips can mean the difference between huge energy bills at the end of the month.