Sunday, April 18, 2021

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A Hi Fi Audio System Made for Your Home

Struggling to configure a home theater and sound system that satisfies your needs, as well as your wallet? Let Auris help you simplify your mission with products that make the most of your budget.

A System For Audiophiles

An audiophile is someone who appreciates the sound of high-quality audio and works toward building the perfect Hi-Fi system of audio to fit their home. While high ticket items may make the little hairs on your arms stand up at the thought of adding a magnificent piece of audio equipment to your dream system, there is no rule that says the perfect system has to be pricey.

If that perfect sound may seem unattainable, whether the complexity of the setup or the cost makes it seem unattainable. However: that doesn’t have to be the way it is. As a matter of fact, building your perfect home system might be waiting for you right now.

Rethink Your Perfect System

The engineers and designers at Auris have taken their obsession with great home audio tech and made incredibly useful and budget-friendly options that will allow you to integrate your currently owned technology into any configuration that satisfies your needs. The options are limitless as you use your existing Hi-Fi audio to bring you amazing, high-definition digital music.

bluMe HD allows you to easily stream excellent quality audio easily and wirelessly from any of your existing Bluetooth-enabled devices, allowing you to configure any number of music systems that fit your life and needs.

Products that feature: 

  • No unique app is needed to operate
  • No wireless router network needed
  • High fidelity Qualcomm aptX HD
  • AptX Low Latency
  • Apt X and AAC decoders
  • 384kHz / 32bit DAC for superior upsampled playback
  • An antenna that is adequate for long-range streaming (up to 30m)
  • Lag-free with no lip synching issues
  • Clear digital sound without distortion
  • Transforms your existing technology into high fidelity stereo equipment

Ease Of Use

Auris devices are defined by an easy setup that connects your devices within moments of popping open the box. We strive to take advantage of streaming in order to open up new possibilities in Hi-Fi Audio, taking it new places easily and breaking through the confines that archaic ideas about music systems have caused us to limit our imaginations for far too long.

Our popular and highly rated products:

  • bluMe HD Bluetooth 5.0 Music Receiver with Audiophile DAC and aptX HD
  • beamit Wireless Bluetooth Audio Transmitter and Receiver
  • amplify Hi-Fi Wireless Headphone Amplifier

Our latest offering, the highly-rated bluMe, comes in two colors (black and silver) and retails for $119. Auris offers easy online ordering with Paypal, free worldwide shipping, and orders are guaranteed to ship within 24 hours of ordering.

The bluMe is the product of years of experimenting with design and tech by a team of obsessive music lovers, who happen to also be engineers, designers, and real-life friends. With a focus on ease of use and clean design, the bluMe is our labor of love: a problem-solving and economical piece of technology that will allow you to jailbreak your music from the traditional venues that it has been confined to since the days of sitting around the radio in the parlor.

Auris hopes to change the way people think about stereos, with the realization that with technology, we can make anywhere our music room. It’s a wonderful time to be alive if you are a music lover, and we are happy to be here to bring you a product that will become your go-to piece of stereo equipment. For $119 shipped, the bluMe can be changing your music space in just a day or two.

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