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A Mattress Made Just for the Bigger Figure

Not all mattresses are made equal, and finding the right message is like going on a quest for Goldilocks porridge. Finding the right mattress can be a literal pain in the back. It is especially challenging to find a long-lasting, good-quality mattress if you are above average size.

The Big Fig mattress was designed from the floor up with you in mind. Most brands don’t take the time to consider all of the necessities for a better night’s sleep for those with a bigger figure.

Many common problems occur when a plus-size person sleeps on a regular mattress extra cushioning and strength must be taken into account so that a great night’s sleep is achieved night after night.

Big Fig is Different

Big Fig is a company that specializes in making the perfect mattress for bigger bodies making sure the details in the construction are there. Big Fig was created, so you feel comfortable, safe, and ready for a great night’s sleep anytime you rest your head.

In this article, we will be discussing how Big Fig mattresses are adequately made with the bigger figure in mind. Check out these nine reasons why Big FIg mattresses will change the way you sleep.

Big Fig’s mattress design procedures and features:

  • Construction — Big Fig uses a hybrid of pocket springs and foam using high-quality, well-crafted materials. This provides an outstanding balance of support and comfort, all while being able to stand the test of time.
  • Foam — Big Fig uses high-density foam cushioning. The 3 inches of 1.8 pounds per cubic foot foam used gives over 50% more density than most other mattresses.
  • Coils — Big Fig uses a special 1600 count innerspring system. The large amount of springs makes your mattress very responsive to your movements. That way, you are being supported while not only lying down and while you are moving in your sleep is highly important.
  • Edge — Big Fig constructs its mattress with quality and support, all the way to the edge. Have confidence in the entire area of your mattress to support your weight.
  • Top — Big Fig makes its mattress top with a ThermoGel. This fantastic technology cools you down when you sleep. The layer under is perforated, gel-infused latex foam.

Combining these two layers gives you a cooling effect not found anywhere else.

  • Tuft — Big Fig mattresses are tufted in over sixteen different places. Tufting keeps the layers of your mattress from moving around. The insides of your mattress moving can only lead to discomfort. When layers move around on a mattress, it can be uncomfortable for the sleeper, and the mattress itself will not last as long as it should.
  • Foundation — Big Fig foundation is made with 18 2.5 inch wide slats. It is also constructed with double center rails. This unique combination can support five times the weight of standard mattress foundations. Without a strong foundation, even the toughest mattresses will begin to degrade early and begin to cause pain and even back issues.
  • Longevity — Big fig’s high-quality construction has been tested and is guaranteed to last 20 years. Feel confident in your purchase with a quality-tested product and get ready for comfort.
  • Warranty — Backed for 20 years. This includes replacement or repair for the entirety of the warranty.

In conclusion, bigger figures have different design needs for a night of quality sleep with long-lasting comfort. Big Fig has done the research and taken the time to diagnose why standard mattresses just weren’t cutting it for plus-sized and big & tall sleepers.

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