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Short Cuts And Pixie Crops HairStyles

Many women consider their hair to be their crowning glory, and many women still carry the idea that to be a ‘woman’ you must have long flowing hair. Well times certainly have changed, and more and more women are realizing the beauty of shorter cuts and the manageability of them too. Women today are always on the go and with time constraints peering over their shoulders the last thing they need is a bad hair day or spending thirty minutes every morning trying to look presentable. And that is exactly why short cut hair continues to increase in popularity.Here you find some ideas of short cuts and pixie crops hairstyles.

Short Cuts And Pixie Crops HairStyles

choppy blonde style

Short, sharp and seriously blonde

slicked-back pixie crop

pixie crop

Short Pixie Cuts

Aussie beauty


boy cut

bright orange hue for her super-short show wig

chic side-swept style.

choppy blonde pixie crop

classic French style

classic short and choppy pixie crop

cool and casual quiff

cute pixie crop.

cute pixie crop

edgy style

elfin crop

golden perfect pixie crop

long-fringed pixie crop

Marilyn Monroe curl

pixie crop a little grown out and spiked up

pixie crop, try a layered short, shaggy bob


pixie cut

platinum-blond quiff style

pretty side-swept blonde crop

punky undercut shaggy crop

sculpted locks

shaggy crop

short haircut

side-parted style

sleek and slightly-grown-out blonde crop


slightly grown-out pixie looks

spiked-up bleached crop

super-short cut

super-short new crop

swept back pixie crop

wacky quiff

Short Cuts & Pixie Crops

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