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Five Quick Tips For Staying Fit While Raising Kids

Parenting is hard, especially when coupled with a career and other household duties. Staying fit with kids around is never easy. It always seems like scheduling workouts is taking away valuable time that can be better used to look after the kids. Of course, it’s in the kids’ best interest for their mom to stay healthy. Staying fit is a big part of that.

As a mom, ensuring that your workouts dovetail with your other duties and routines can mean the difference between staying fit and being out of shape. You want to incorporate as many physical activities into your daily routine as you can. This is not only good for breaking the daily monotony of the chores but is also energizing, meaning you can cope better with your motherly duties.

For most moms, the challenge of staying fit comes after pregnancy. You can fit conditioning training into your schedule by following these simple steps.

Optimize your time

Not every mom has time to hit the gym several times a week. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get a decent workout. If going to the gym is not an option for you, you can do some simple workouts at home.

Plan 15-20 minutes of exercise every day. Fit this timeframe into your regular schedule. This exercise session doesn’t have to be fixed. You can ensure that it fits into whatever free time you have. If, for example, the kids are taking a nap, this can be a good time to have a quick workout before they wake up. It doesn’t have to be something very rigorous. Skipping rope for 15 minutes, for instance, can be just as effective as taking a long walk around the neighborhood. Doing this is more productive than just relaxing in a chair. You’ll feel more refreshed.

Purchase some simple home workout equipment like kettlebells. These can help you maximize your workout sessions, ensuring that you get the most out of them.

Think outside the box

Your workouts don’t have to be during the day. You can find creative ways of working out. Waking up half an hour earlier each morning can provide you with ample time to do some exercise, meaning that when the rest of the family wakes up, you’ll be ready to start your daily chores without sacrificing time during the day. If waking up earlier doesn’t work for you, an evening session of light exercises is also an option. After you tuck the kids in bed, you can do some quick pushups and jog just outside the perimeter of the house. It’s simple but can be very effective at ensuring you stay fit.

Include the kids

This can be both fun and beneficial to staying fit. If you’ve got toddlers, get a jogging buggy. Ensure that the buggy is robust enough to enable you to jog as you push it without giving the baby a rough ride. You can have a brisk walk as you push the baby in the buggy. Kids are naturally playful. If you start doing stretches in front of them, they’ll most likely join you, making it a fun and productive session for all.

You can take a trip to a park. There, it’s easier to get some exercise and watch the kids simultaneously. As long as they stay close, you can watch them while getting in some simple workouts like jumping jacks.

Get organized

As a mom, you don’t have to figure out the whole exercise and babysitting thing on your own. There are likely numerous other moms in your neighborhood in the same situation as you. Get together with these mothers and make a roster for child-minding. This ensures that every mom can get some time to put in some serious workout sessions, even if once a week. If going to the gym is your thing, such an arrangement becomes convenient.

Once a week, you can all agree to meet at a park or a public place to do some light workouts and interact. In addition to helping you stay fit, it’s also a great opportunity for building positive relationships with the other moms.

Take action

The tendency to overthink things is common, especially when starting a workout program. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Start with what works for you. If you can spare only 20 minutes in the evening, then start working out during that time. Eventually, you’ll build momentum along the way and incorporate more sessions into your workout.

Ultimately, the idea is to get as much physical activity as you can to ensure a healthy body and mind.

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