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7 Helpful Tips in Getting Good Quality Sleep at Night

Various studies show a good night’s sleep is crucial in maintaining excellent physical health and brain functions. On the other hand, they link sleep deprivation to different health issues like mood swings, high blood pressure, and paranoia. The good thing is, there are new products like the gel memory foam mattress that may help you improve your slumber and avoid the adverse effects of lack of sleep.

Sleep deprivation alters the normal functioning of your brain and body systems. Because your body needs good quality sleep to function at its best, a lack of sleep may result in feelings of grumpiness and grogginess, as well as long term adverse health issues.

This article discusses the harmful effects of insufficient sleep to your health and offers tips on how to achieve a sound slumber.

Adverse Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Your Health

According to the University of California, Berkeley’s Center for Human Sleep Science director, Matthew Walker, the lack of sufficient sleep causes serious harm to your biology. Sleep deprivation occurs when you get less than seven hours of sleep a night. Here are some of the adverse health effects of lack of sleep:

  • Adversely affect both short- and long-term memory
  • Mood swings like irritability and short temper
  • Lightheadedness, grogginess, crankiness, and grumpiness
  • Vulnerability to viruses due to a weak immune system
  • Higher risk to acute diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart ailments
  • Low sex drive
  • Weight gain
  • A poor concentration that may cause accidents and injuries
  • Negatively affects creativity and problem-solving skills

Tips on How to Get Sufficient Sleep

Different factors are affecting your ability to get a blissful slumber. According to Michael Decker, spokesperson of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the quality of a mattress affects a person’s sleep. Here are some tips in getting a good night’s rest:

  • Avoid drinking caffeinated products like coffee late in the day – Consuming coffee up to six hours before bed prevents you from getting sleep quickly because it is a stimulant.
  • Sleep and wake up at regular intervals to maintain the circadian rhythm function of your body – Practicing consistent sleep and waking up pattern can help you in achieving good sleep quality in the long term
  • Lessen long or irregular naps during the day – Sleeping in long and irregular intervals during the day can confuse your body clock.
  • Maintain a relaxed and comfortable bedroom environment – The quality of your bedroom, like temperature, lights, noise, and mattress, affect your sleep. To achieve better slumber, try buying a comfortable bed like the gel memory foam mattress.
  • Take a relaxing shower or bath – Based on several studies, a relaxing bath or shower 90 minutes before you go to bed allows you to fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly.
  • Consult your physician to find out if you have a sleep disorder – If you experience difficulty sleeping, you should visit your doctor to determine if an underlying condition is a possible reason. Some diseases causing sleep problems include insomnia and sleep apnea.
  • Perform regular exercise – To improve your physical health and sleep, you should exercise regularly but not before going to bed.

A good quality sleep at night recharges your body and mind to allow them to function at their best. Follow the simple tips to ensure your mind and body are in the pink of health.