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What is The Best Way to Style a Modern Man?

The best way to make a modern man stylish is to combine the old and the new. Many retro styles are still in fashion because they have been brought back designers from around the world. Plus, you will see modern styles becoming increasingly popular among celebrities or in the movies. Continue reading to learn how to style a man from top to bottom.

Men Should Try Some Retro Styles

The Berlin street style is a combination of the young and the old. You might find mod jackets that remind you of kids from the 60s. These leather jackets are a good way to dress up your look, but you will need some modern clothes that match the jacket.

Retro styles for hair also harken back to mods and rockers days. Men with high mullets and swooping locks will look great in vintage leather jackets. However, these men will use modern prints, pants, and shoes that work with their outfits.

How Do You Choose Your Shoes?

When you are choosing shoes, you can use combat boots that were popular in the old days. Some men even wear the old combat boots that their grandfathers wore. These boots could be platforms, or you might get a high combat boot that allows you to tuck in your jeans or slacks.

If you are dressing up for the summer, you should find old-school basketball shoes that have white soles, bright colours, or unique patterns.

What About Your Jeans?

Skinny jeans are the most popular style for men in the modern era. Men that wear these jeans will tuck them into their boots, and their jackets will offer a nice shape that leads into your jeans.

When you are buying jeans, you should try jeans that are not a light wash. Light washed jeans are out of style because they remind kids and designers of the jeans worn in the late 80s and early 90s. When you get a dark wash, you will look like a modern man. Plus, you can get denim in black, grey, and an assortment of colours that work with your clothing.

If you want to wear unique colours, you could wear neutral shirts with red jeans, green jeans, or even purple jeans. Maroon is a nice colour for dark tones, or you could try a chocolate brown jean that will fit your body perfectly.


Shirts with patterns that are not tucked in are in-style. You will find men in rock bands wearing loose-fitting shirts with wild patterns. These shirts will speak to your personal style, and you can leave several buttons undone. When you match the shirt with the jacket, you have created a style that makes it look like you just walked off a stage.

What’s more, you can buy summer shirts that are tight and have unique patterns. These shirts will work with the jeans that you already bought, and you wear your favourite sneakers with these outfits.


When you are styling yourself, you can call upon the Berlin street style when you are buying your new leather jacket, skinny jeans, and colourful shirts. You can wear denim that is a unique colour, but you need to make sure it is fitted. Plus, you can match your retro leather jacket o every outfit for the perfect street look.