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How to Find Out if Someone is Married

Imagine a situation where you go to a blind date with a total stranger. When you are on that date, both of you have to talk about so many things. You have to talk about life, what both of you think about relationships and many other things.

However, there are questions that both of you may not ask each other on the first date. For instance, how do you go ahead to ask them if they are married or not? He or she may answer,. You, on the other hand, maybe unsure whether they are honest with you or not.

If you want to find out the truth, today, we show you how to check if someone is married using Zosearch before things start getting serious in this article.

Why asking his or her friends is a bad idea

Primarily, you just kicked things off. It might be a sign of insecurity if you ask his or her loyal friends details about their friend. By the way, this method could only work if both of you are mutual friends.

If these friends are loyal, trust me, you might end up with a lot of answers and questions. That also does not stop them from telling your prospects. Hence, you will make the situation harder than it was before.

Social media has its limitations too

Although everyone uses social media nowadays, people are not as honest as you think, unless they use their social media profile for business purposes.

On the other hand, because people lack dishonesty, you cannot trust social media. You could end up destroying a marriage.

Public records can get you close to your answer

If the others fail, you can consult public records. However, be sure that this method can be tedious. Most of these documents lack filtering options. Meaning, you will take more time searching for the person.

The best option- Zosearch

Now, if you have used the other methods mentioned above, you already have a clue of what your challenge is ahead of you.

You can check out Zosearch to find what you need to get this information. What you need is the person’s name, and if you have their phone number, it is adequate, as well.

When you go to the site, head to the people search service option. It provides a field form where you insert the name of the individual.

Press the search button, and the system will do everything else automatically. Since Zosearch’s database links with almost all public records, it will search the civil records available in the system to find out the person’s detail.

What you will find in the report

Before you know what the report contains, you must understand why we recommend their report. There is a high chance that you will get accurate results. Zosearch updates its system regularly to ensure that users can get relevant and up to date data.

Some of the details you will find on the report include:

  • The individual’s full names
  • Their friends and relatives
  • Divorce information which is what you are looking for in this case
  • The name of their spouse
  • Addresses, education background, criminal records, and all the assets they own

If you have their number still, you can use it to find out more details about them on the white pages section.

What people say about Zosearch

Using Zosearch comes with many benefits. The people search service has over one million users. It has also been recognized as one of the best websites in this niche by sites such as Forbes, Tech Radar, Top 10 Reviews, and many other platforms.

Most reviewers compliment the site for:

  • The website design
  • A supportive customer care team
  • Fresh content that offers the appropriate guidance
  • Many services such as the yellow pages, white pages, reverse phone lookups
  • Reports are relevant and up to date
  • Nobody will know that you searched for them
  • By the way, it is free.


Finding information about someone has never been this easy. After using Zosearch, you will be able to decide whether the person is free to date or not.

Besides, you will be able to make a sober judgment before things start getting serious. These background searches are useful because they help you know the truth about strangers, and if they are trustworthy or not.