Monday, April 19, 2021

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Five Sanitizing Tips For Moving During The Corona Virus Pandemic

Some people have not choice but to relocate during the Coronavirus pandemic and it is imperative that they follow the health guidelines and sanitize their possessions during the move. Have a look at these five sanitizing tips to protect yourself during this difficult time.

Having Your Cleaning Supplies On-Hand

All that is needed for killing the COVID-19 virus is proper home cleaning and having the right products and materials. There are various EPA-registered disinfectants and cleaning products available that can be bought or if you are unable to access such products you can make your own disinfectant solution with diluted bleach and alcohol. Other materials needed for the move include hand-sanitizer, gloves, hand soap and paper towels for wiping surfaces.

Start By Disinfecting High-Touch Surfaces

Once you have obtained all the cleaning solutions and materials required, take them with you to the new home. Clean and sanitize high-touch surfaces first. This include tables, doorknobs, phones, light switches, tablets, floors, phones, touch screens, remote controls, toilets, keyboards, handles, etc. Other things that movers Waxahachie TX come in contact with like floors, moving boxes, stairways, bins, railings and bins must also be sanitized. After the move is completed, it is our recommendation to disinfect and clean such surfaces prior to deep cleaning the home.

Keeping Hand Sanitizer Close To The Door

The CDC recommends household members to cleanse hands regularly by washing the with water and soap for twenty seconds. If no water and soap is available, you can use an alcohol-based sanitizer with an alcohol content of sixty percent. Besides keeping hand soap in the kitchen and bathrooms, also keep hand sanitizer close to the front door where movers and family members can access and use it when entering the home.

Leaving The Doors Open For The Moving Company

If you must move during the Coronavirus pandemic, its essential to prevent touching surfaces which are frequently touched by others.

Therefore, ideally, you do not want the movers to touch too many surfaces in the new home. This is not always preventable. By leaving sanitizer at the front door, you can at least keep viral transmissions at bay.

Wiping Cardboard Boxes

In recent studies, it was found that the Coronavirus can stay detectable and stable on carton surfaces for around twenty-four hours, and on plastic or steel surfaces for up to seventy-two hours. Therefore, prior to opening moving boxes, it is useful to wipe down all plastic bins and cardboard surfaces with disinfectant wipes. This can go a long way in killing viral illnesses and germs which might be present on such surfaces. Once you are finished unpacking the boxes, discard them as quickly as possible and wash your hands properly.

How To Make Your Own Disinfectant

An excellent way of avoiding catching the virus while moving is by disinfecting moving boxes and surfaces during and after moving. Here are instructions on how to make your own disinfectant. For non-porous hard surfaces, you can make the following disinfectant solution:

Mix five tablespoons of bleach per gallon of water or four teaspoons bleach per quart of water. You can also use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide for making the solution, instead of bleach.

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