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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Plumber

Keep your stress handling plumbing issues at a minimum level by hiring a licensed and experienced plumber. Whether you have a broken pipe, a leaky faucet, or a flood caused by the water heater, it’s important to know if the plumber has the right knowledge, skills, tools, and equipment needed to finish the job right.

Below are the most common questions you need to ask when hiring a plumber to address your plumbing needs.

What Are Your Plumbing Qualifications?

Major problems arise even with small leaks, most especially skyrocketing utility bills. Repair costs can be expensive if you fail to address minor plumbing issues early. Whether you’re looking to hire a professional plumber to do routine maintenance, repair a leak, or install appliances or fixtures, you have to consider the plumber’s training and professional or employment background.

Each state has unique and varying plumbing training requirements. However, all states require aspiring plumbers to be knowledgeable in problem-solving, math, and mechanics. Not every plumber receives the same training hours, so it’s a good idea to ask the plumbing company about the certification and training they require for their plumbers.

Apprentice plumbers learn the trade by finishing classroom training and on-the-job training. Most apprentice plumbers enter the training program through a local union. But, it’s also possible to take an apprenticeship with a licensed plumber, learning the best practices when dealing with different plumbing jobs.

A journeyman plumber has spent four to five years as an apprentice to attain journeyman status. The requirements may vary from one state to another, but ongoing education and most examination are needed for licensing. On the other hand, a master plumber can take the states Contractors Board. It’s the highest professional level a plumber can achieve.

Choosing a well-trained and experienced plumber from one of the most trusted and reputable plumbing companies, like Sudbury Plumbers, is a good idea. In that way, you’ll have peace of mind that the plumber who’ll be fixing your plumbing system is qualified and skilled.

What Are the Plumbing Services You’re Offering?

Before signing anything, you have to make sure that the plumber or plumbing company can handle the plumbing problem you currently have. While you might only have minor plumbing issues, an experienced plumber might find adjacent issues that need to be addressed.

Choose a plumbing company that offers a wide range of services. Choose a plumber who’s prepared to fix any plumbing situation. It’s a waste of time sourcing supplies and tools without proper preparation. All plumbing tools and equipment should be loaded in the truck to avoid delay and for faster resolution.

Also, it’s a wise move to ask the plumbing service company if they’re offering 24/7 services. This type of scheduling comes in handy when emergency plumbing issues arise. You’ll save a lot of money when a plumber arrives early to repair water running off due to leaks caused by damaged pipes at your home.

Here are the general services offered by plumbing companies:

  • Replace or repair faucets and toilets
  • Replace or repair pumps and valves
  • Replace or repair tankless and traditional water heaters
  • Repair or install gas lines
  • Replace or repair water lines both outside and inside the home

Are You Insured or Bonded?

Ask the plumbing company if they carry commercial liability insurance. It’s designed to cover all possible claims related to bodily injury or property damage if the plumbing contractor is at fault. On the other hand, a surety bond pays for all the things that liability insurance doesn’t cover.

If the installation or repair was done poorly, the surety bond would cover all related costs to repair or replace the problem. Also, a bond will cover any damages due to the illegal practices of the contractor and any stolen belongings made by a plumber.

Aside from the insurance and bond, you also need to ask about the service guarantee offered by the plumbing contractor. How long do they give a warranty to the repair services they offer? Of course, you don’t want to have the same issue all over again or sooner as expected. That’s why you have to choose one that’s offering a decent service guarantee coverage.


Hiring a plumber is not an easy thing to do, but once you have the right questions, you’ll be more decisive to choose the best one to handle your plumbing problems.

By knowing the qualifications, educational background or training, experience, reputation, and expertise of a plumber, you’ll have peace of mind that a professional can help you when you need plumbing help the most.

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