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Upgrade Your Bathroom with 10 Little Changes

There is always a place of ultimate privacy and home is that place where one can let loose of all inhibitions and live unabashed. Well, a home comes with people you love and the rooms that hold stories of your everyday life. People decorate their house with a lot of detail and personal choices. However, in this endeavour, one thing that misses out is the washroom or the bathroom. The bathroom is a space that when lit up becomes the most therapeutic area of our house. Just like a shoe tells a lot about the person, the bathroom tells a lot about the house. So why not make some changes and upgrade your bathroom?

Here are 10 Little Changes that when implemented can indeed make a difference

1. Vintage Dresser Vanity

Vintage Dresser Vanity
A Vintage Dresser Vanity can be a great utility space area that apart from adding an old world charm to your washroom holds a lot of essential things. The dresser can be the central piece of the attraction of the bathroom and used as the focus furniture. As vintage dressers have a very premium get up they tend to impart a luxurious vibe to the atmosphere. Vintage dresser vanity can be in light pastel shades to lighten up the area. One can store all the essential bath products and manicure and pedicure items and other such self-grooming utility stuff in the drawers. It becomes very easy to access as well as adds as a great decorative item.

2. Tile the Countertop

Tile the Countertop
The Countertop is usually the area that is mostly used as a base on the front of which mirrors are usually placed. Thus a countertop that is covered with tiles can suit best to impart a clean and finished look to your bathroom. Tiles are always easy to maintain than normal cemented tops. It is easy to clean and there be no worry of any paint eroding off due to constant usage. Also, a hard tile countertop serves as a mini station to place the soap or perfumes and other such regular stuff that one uses frequently.

3. Paint the Walls

Often people leave the walls of the bathrooms unpainted thinking of them to be a futile investment. However on the contrary, if the walls can be painted they give a very bright and vibrant feel. Shady and gloomy bathrooms are the worst and the place where all the cleaning are done should never be left dark and shady. we can paint bathrooms with some concept colouring like blue or gradients sea colour to impart a very refreshing vibe to it.

4. Install Shower Panels

Install Shower Panels
nowadays bathroom fittings are very important and one such is the shower panel. Installation of a shower panel is both useful and adds to the premium up gradation of the bathroom as well. It is easier to switch on to different modes like hot or cold shower option, the tap or the shower mode. These facilities make for a better experience and smooth usage of showers. You can low or heighten the force of water and have a soothing experience which otherwise normal tap waters don’t allow. Also, a shower panel allows a well-structured and organized. Here you can know more about shower panels.

5. Frame a Mirror

Frame a Mirror
A mirror is a great addition to the bathroom and is one of the most essential elements. A mirror can add dimension and space to the bathroom as it reflects creating an illusion. Even if it is not a big mirror it can work as a light reflector as a small circled one. Nowadays mirrors come in great shape and sizes and can be the center of attraction or the centerpiece of the entire bathroom. Mirrors are a great decorative and utility item that must be included in a modern day bathroom set up.

6. Anchor a Towel Bar

Anchor a Towel Bar
Many a time hotels and resorts have a towel bar where all the fresh and unused towels are stacked for easy and convenient use so that you don’t have to carry a towel every time you get inside a bathroom. This feature enables a lot of comfort and luxury and also gives a sense of organization so that whenever you need one you don’t have to go out looking for one. Also having a towel bar is one of the premium features in a contemporary bathroom setting.

7. Use Elegant Lighting

Elegant Lighting
Lights are extremely important. A lot depends upon the light. As it is a bathroom dim or dull lights will not work here. One has to go for bright lights that enable a person to see clearly. Also, lights, when fitted in the right place, can add to the premium or luxurious feel of it. One can go for central spotlights or corner panelling of LED lights.

8. Tile a Floor

Tile a Floor
Bathroom tile appears in a mixture of sizes, shapes, patterns, and forms and they are the basis for any bathroom layout. Bathroom tile ideas can help you have the very best bathroom reasonable. Ceramic bathroom floor tile is often used because of its strength, stability to dampness, it is secure to walk on when wet and its ease of cleansing. To have a bathroom with modern look and style, you need to use bright and bold colours having graphics or designs upon plain backgrounds. If you want to give you bathroom a romantic or Victorian look then its suggested to use floral tiles in soft colours like blue, light pink or light green plus hand painted ceramic sinks and maybe a wooden floor. Contemporary style fixtures and will further provide a modern-looking bathroom.

9. Install a Shower Door

A shower door can keep the shower area apart from the other area and create a separate space just for showering. This can give its own private space. Installing a shower door that is thin is recommended. Just a partition that creates a unique space is actually the purpose.

10. Bathroom Vent Fan

Bathroom Vent Fan
Bathroom ventilation is crucial for up-gradation. So when you think of overall hygiene a Bathroom Vent Fan is an initial essential item. It vents out the air and works as an exhaust. It is a good source of ventilation and thus does not create a claustrophobic environment.

Changes can go a long way. So get your boring bathrooms a little bit of up-gradation. All these ten little changes are elemental, and makes a lot of difference and when incorporated will definitely render a washroom or bathroom of sheer premium quality and standard. Now you can welcome every guest and just boast and take pride of your pristine taste and indulge in a great experience of excellence and comfort.