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How to Replacement Windows; Understanding What Works Better

When you install new windows, you expect those windows to serve you for a long period before you can think about the next replacement. New vinyl replacement windows Oakville can reduce your home’s energy expenses, improve the resale value of your home, and add a new vibe to your curb appeal. But do you know how to replacement windows when they start wearing out? As a homeowner, you should be happy with every aspect of your home, more so, when it comes to DIY improvement projects that you personally handle.

Or perhaps, you haven’t replaced your windows for a while, but still need the currently installed vinyl windows to look great and improve their lifespan. Cleaning the windows is the main part of maintenance, regardless of whether such windows are old or new. While vinyl windows and doors Oakville don’t need a lot of maintenance like its counterparts like wood, they still need cleaning so often. According to Total Home Oakville, here are some ingredients you should use in windows cleaning.

1. Vinegar and Water

Vinegar is an invaluable ingredient in housekeeping. In addition to cleaning, it also helps in getting rid of foul smells in a home. Vinegar is gentle on the user while neutralizing the dirt. It is mixed with water to achieve a perfect shine on windows.

To ratio vinegar for cleaning your vinyl windows, mix 3 parts with 7 parts of clean water. If you don’t like vinegar’s smell, squeeze some lemon juice to get rid of its smell. Use a spray bottle or a bucket to put your mixture and get ready to start cleaning.

Spray your mixture or apply it with a soft cloth if you are using a bucket on your windows and allow it to rest for a few minutes. After resting the solution, scrub your window with a cloth to remove debris and dry it thoroughly.

2. Non-Detergent Soap and Warm Water

If you don’t use vinegar in your kitchen or just run out of vinegar, you can walk into your laundry area and take out your non-detergent soap.

Do not use abrasives on vinyl to avoid damaging your Oakville windows and doors. If you notice any cleaning detergent or soap containing alcohol or ammonia base, do not use them on your vinyl windows.

The combination of non-detergent soap and warm water is ¼ cup for every gallon of warm water. A spray bottle or a bucket can be used to hold the solution.

The solution is then used to clean the window like the vinegar solution. If you do not have a non-detergent soap, baby shampoo is an excellent alternative.

3. Products for Tougher Stain

Some stains are super stubborn for removal with vinegar or non-detergent solutions. When this happens, do not go for adhesive cleaners. There are branded window cleaners for dealing with such stains and are available in local drugstores, grocery stores, or hardware stores. So, visit any of these stores and ask for professional assistance while choosing the cleaners.


Once you get a product for the work, spritz it on the stain and let it rest for a few moments before you can wipe your window. If after resting the cleaner and wiping the stain remains, repeat the process until it comes off.

4. Other Cleaning Tips

When cleaning your window, debris and dead insects are likely to fall from your window sill. So, other than having a bucket full of cleaning solutions, consider a hand-held buster or vacuum so you can leave the area tidy after cleaning.

While cleaning the window frames, do not leave the panes dirty because they are not part of cleaning. They will make your work invisible and your window will continue looking dirty. So, have a glass cleaning solution for the work. Vinegar solution can do the work too.

Vinyl window frames are the easiest to maintain and do not require regular cleaning. When they accumulate unattractive dirt, give them quality care by cleaning them with the right cleaning solutions. Warm water often does wonders if you are interested in cleaning your Oakville windows and doors the simplest way possible.