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Check Out These 5 Ways to Facelift your kitchen

There is always something soothing about having your own personal space, your own little area of peace at home. Not just when you come back home after a long day at work but also when you want a breather from the daily hustle-bustle.

Surprisingly, people find this comfort in their well-lit and warm kitchen spaces, spending time on their own health or cooking for friends and family. Often when you cook for your loved ones and experiment with new recipes, it also acts as a stress buster.

But then again, if you are spending quite some time of your day in your kitchen, you deserve a well-organized and well-designed space. Hoping to do so? Well, it is time you use some simple approaches to remodel your kitchen, keep it within budget, and even test your eye for details!

1. Look at the cabinets

To optimize storage, vertical cabinets can be a great pick! Not only do they save space but also give a minimalistic look.

Your top cabinets can also be upgraded into vertical dividers instead of total horizontal layering, to involve some dynamics. To organize kitchen cabinets, you can also make use of the backside of your doors or also install a command center.

You can also change the outer appearance, switching to modern glass doors with freshly painted knobs, giving each cabinet a distinctive look. Avoid the entire new cabinetry, look for a flat panel, and voila! You’ll see the magic happen.

2. The basics always count

Quartz or granite countertops remain cold at all times. On a winter night when you sit at the countertop while the milk boils, it can ruin your whole mood. To prevent this, you can install some heating mat under your countertop.

They don’t get in the way and make things cozy, especially for the hard winters. If you’re lucky, you might just find some pretty ones at decent prices too. Moreover, it doesn’t take much effort to install, so you can do it on your own.

3. Lights, camera, action

Dull kitchens can prove to be a major turn off. So you must ensure that it is well lit with an under countertop lights or maybe a small chandelier. Yes, under countertop or inside cabinet lighting improve the ambiance ghastly. Yellow or white lights are very common as it ensures maximum brightness.

If you want to be a little adventurous, you can consult a designer and opt for different shape lightings as well. Another easy DIY option is to go for curved track lights.

4. Declutter all the way

Neatness and evenly spread out spaces always makes you proud of your organization skills. However, wirings and plug points make it a very difficult task, tangling up or just not staying put in one place. From your microwave to your charging wires, everything seems to be everywhere! For better organization, it’s wise to allot separate spaces and make sure everything is in its own place.

Moreover, having small popup electrical outlet stands at different locations can help you use whichever device you want, from a chopper to a mixer, no questions asked. You can aslo paint your breadbox or bring out your inner Picasso while setting up an outlet station.

5. Use the corners

Each drawer in your kitchen, from the central to the corner ones must be well organized. You can use some creative corner drawer ideas to optimize storage and make it more functional. Along with that, re-paint the old knobs, add shine and edit those scratches.

You can also consult a designer to help you design some customized corner cabinets or corner drawers. Apart from that, you can also use your corners to hang a few things like spoons, rugs or even towels.

Over to you…

Your kitchen deserves a new makeover. Above all, it will be fun to tweak a few things and add new edges to your cooking space. So what’s the wait worth for? Use some of these tips and give your kitchen the much needed makeover.