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Play & Win Brazil Quina Lottery in India

Brazil has a history of lottery dating back to the year 1784. This was when sweepstake type raffle draws were conducted. In June of 1961, lottery games became officially permitted when the public voted for it, and the first draw happened to be in September 1962. Since then Caixa Economica Federal bank has been managing and operating the same.

LoteriaQuina is one of the three popular lotteries of Brazil, the others being Mega Sena and DuplaSena. They are considered to be the reliable variety of lottery games of South America. There are eight other lotteries that are actively played in Brazil.

The History

When the Quina Lottery was launched, it introduced the concept of choosing the digits for their individual lottery instead of the usual raffle game with pre-decided numbers, which was the format of the lotteries available at the time. About 10 years ago, the number of draws for the lottery was increased to 6 per week, being held all days of the week except Sunday. With this change, the number of players increased multi-fold, and it achieved the status of the most famous lottery managed by Caixa Economica.

The Schedule

Monday to Saturday, the draw takes place at 8 p.m. Brasilia time. Each year, 24th June is the day for a special draw with jackpot prizes which do not get carried forward in case there are no declared prize winners for Division 1.

The Draw and Results

A spinning round cage containing 80 balls (numbered 1-80) is used for the draw. 5 numbers are picked, and the prize is based on how many of those numbers can be matched exactly with those on your ticket.

If you can match 5 out of 5, you are declared the winner of the jackpot, which starts at INR 90 Lakhs.

If a jackpot winner is not declared, the amount rolls over to the next draw increasing the jackpot amount each time with no upper limit. The results are published in newspapers and broadcast on radio networks as well as TV stations. The results can also be found online once the draw has taken place.


For an extra cost, you can play 6 or 7 numbers as well. This increases your chances of winning the lottery. There is a Quick Pick facility, where the lottery operator can use their computer to generate random numbers for your ticket. This facility can be utilized when playing the Supersinha. Teimosinha, lets you choose the number of draws you wish to use the set of numbers for. You can choose up to 24 draws.

The Ticket Cost

A regular 5-number ticket costs INR 18. For 6 or 7 numbers, you need to pay INR 72 or INR 180 respectively.

Winning Odds

The chances of matching 5 numbers and winning the jackpot are 1 in 24,040,016. Matching four and winning a division 2 prize are 1 in 64,106 while matching 3 for a 3rd Division are 1 in 866.

Who can play?

Earlier, it was mandatory to be a Brazilian resident to be a part of the game, but now with the advent of online platforms, the sales are open to all. You can now purchase the tickets online and check the result from anywhere.

You could be staying anywhere in the world, and you can still play the game provided you are above the age of 18 years. So, that means, even while living in India, you too could be winning the jackpot. It has been made very easy by Lottoland, the world leader in providing online platforms for international lotteries. Once you have an active account with them, you can play any number of lotteries available with them and win many jackpots.