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Tips on Managing Your Sex Life

Having a great, fulfilling sex life is an essential part of a committed relationship. However, whether you are married, single or dating and are engaging in sexual activity, it is important to discuss healthy practices with your partner to ensure both pleasure and safety. If you are feeling shy about talking about intimacy, practice ahead of time or use some of these sexting examples. Pick a trustworthy friend or therapist to talk through what you would like to discuss. However, if you find that sex is too much of an intimate topic to discuss with others outside of your relationship, practice in the mirror.

Two-Way Street Communication

Keeping quiet will never help you improve your sex life. Communication is the key to thriving, fun intimacy. If have yet to engage in sexual relations, it is essential to talk to your partner so both of you are on the same page. Perhaps, you are experienced sexually but this is your first time with this specific partner, you should clear the air and discuss any relationship expectations before sharing a sexually intimate moment. Alternately, you may have been with your partner for a while but would like to discuss different things that you would like to try, such as positions or foreplay. It is equally as important to open up and share your needs with your mate. Pick a good time to sit down and discuss casually. Some may benefit from having a glass of wine to ease nerves before talking about your wants and desires.


Before you jump into the sack with a partner, be sure to have a condom. Keep in mind that your partner may be either allergic to latex or lamb skin, so it is advised to carry both types of condoms. Additionally, never assume that your partner is on birth control pills or is taking Depo shots. Remember the only type of birth control that protects against STDs are condoms.

Getting Tested

Ease your mind by asking your partner to get tested for HIV and STDs before you engage in sexual activity. As you may know, not all sexually transmitted diseases are visible. Having a STD may not be a deal breaker in the relationship but having transparency and being informed are necessary to move forward as a couple or sex partners. You can go together and get tested on the same day to show mutual support. Afterwards, it is a good time to discuss if you are seeing other people and if you would like to only see each other.

Speak Up

When it comes to your body, it is always imperative that you speak up and express what you feel when you feel it. If you do not want to have sex, be crystal clear and say no. If you are interested in engaging in riskier sex practices, such as bdsm crop, then talk about using a safe word beforehand. This will help your partner understand your limits so you both feel comfortable. It is also a good practice to discuss how frequently you would like to have sex, where you would like to have it and if there’s anything specific that you would like to try.

Managing your sex life may be an overwhelming task, especially if you have a full life. However, in order to have a sex life that you and your partner can experience ongoing pleasure, you must be safe, communicative and open to suggestions and feedback. By keeping the lines of communication open, you will be rewarded with a strong intimate connection that has the potential to get stronger with time.

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