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7 Useful Tips for Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Were you injured after another car slammed into you? Did a business’s negligence cause you to slip and fall?

When you get hurt by someone else, that other person should get held accountable. Often, that means you need to hire a lawyer to fight for your rights.

Read on to learn seven tips for hiring a personal injury lawyer.

1. Limit Your Search to Your Area

First thing’s first. A lawyer who lives in a different state is unlikely to be of help to you. Instead, you need to limit your search to your specific area.

Do a quick online search to identify the lawyers in your area. Make a list of potential lawyers. Then, go through these next steps to start eliminating firms. Once the process is complete, you should only have a few top-notch attorneys to choose from.

2. Check Out the Lawyer’s Website

After making your list, start checking out each lawyer’s website. Make sure the firm appears legitimate.

Verify that contact information and the lawyer’s credentials are easy to find.

If you notice any red flags, then cross that attorney off your list.

3. What’s the Lawyer’s Niche?

Personal injury law covers any type of situation where the victim got hurt. It includes things like car accidents, medical malpractice, or even wrongful death situations.

Make sure your lawyer has experience with your situation.

You should also verify that you need the attorney’s services, too. Learn more about when to hire a personal injury lawyer before committing.

4. Look at the Lawyer’s Past Reviews

Next, take a look at the attorney’s past reviews. Be sure to read both the negative and positive responses. Look for red flags like:

  • Customers who had trouble contacting the attorney
  • People who complain about their case taking too long
  • Consistent bad feedback warrants the elimination of that attorney from your list.

5. Take a Peek at Past Case Results

Before you choose an attorney, you need to know how they’ve performed in the past. That means taking a peek at their past case results.

Take note of whether the lawyer has gone to trial in the past. Only about 3% of personal injury claims actually go to trial. You need to know that your lawyer has what it takes to go to court if it’s necessary.

6. How Big is the Firm?

Another factor that makes a difference is how big a firm you’re working with. You need to know whether you’ll be in direct contact with your attorney.

Will they be handling the case? Or, will they give most of the work to legal interns in the office?

7. Consult With the Attorney First

Finally, have a face-to-face consultation with your potential attorney. Ask them any more questions you have. Verify that they seem like someone you can work with and trust.

If they check out, then it’s time to hire them!

Use These Tips For Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Near You

Accidents happen every day. Not all accidents are an act of God, though. Most of them are the result of human error and negligence.

If you got hurt by someone else, then you deserve justice. Use these tips for hiring a personal injury lawyer who can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Are you looking for more pro-tips to help keep you safe throughout 2020? You’re in the right place! Keep browsing through our lifestyle section for more of our latest content.

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