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How to Buy Bitcoin and Ethereum in India with Coinswitch – Step by Step Guide

Buying crypto assets in India can be a little complicated for beginners. But now it doesn’t have to be the same. Fortunately, with the lifting of the ban on cryptocurrency, trading, and buying crypto assets in India has become simplified to great extent. A lot of exchanges and trading platforms have emerged to enable investors to explore opportunities in the crypto space. Well, among thousands of exchanges operating in India, one platform that has been grabbing attention is CoinSwitch. 

CoinSwitch is a leading crypto platform providing buying and selling of Ethereum, and Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies in India. CoinSwitch provides you a straightforward way to exchange INR to ethereum and buy BTC in India. Using CoinSwitch, you can make payments through credit/debit card, bank transfer, or through e-wallets. The lightning speed transactions and verification process make this platform well-known among investors. 

Given below is a step by step guide to buying Bitcoin and Ethereum via CoinSwitch:

Step by Step Guide, How to Buy Bitcoin and Ethereum in India with CoinSwitch

 Step 1- Register & Open an Account

 Visit the CoinSwitch website (or click here). Firstly, you need to register and open an account on the platform to access its services. When done, open the dropdown visible on the screen. In the “You Send” dropdown box select INR and in the “You Get” dropdown select BTC/ETH. After this, click on “View all Offers”. This will display a list of all exchanges offering INR to BTC/ETH conversion. 

Step 2- Select Exchange

Now, you’ll get a list of exchanges along with the quantity of BTC and ETH coins they are offering at different conversion rates. Select the exchange as per your preference or you may also go for the choice as suggested by CoinSwitch. 

Step 3- Enter Wallet Address

Once your order is processed, you will receive your BTC or Ethereum coins at the given wallet address. To finish the process, click Next. However, make sure to read all terms carefully and confirm the address before concluding the process. 

Step 4- Add Funds

As soon as you hit the “Next” button, you will get directed to a new window displaying details regarding payments and the KYC process. You will be automatically taken to your chosen exchange platform to deposit funds in INR. After payment, you’ll be asked to complete KYC details. KYC (Know Your Customer) is a mandatory process that will require you to present your government issued ID proof. Once completed, you will receive Bitcoins/Ethereum coins in your wallet. 

Final Verdict

Buying Bitcoin and Ethereum has never been so easy and safe before. CoinSwitch is the best option to buy/sell or trade cryptocurrencies in India. By pooling in the liquidity from all major exchanges CoinSwitch provides you the best exchange rate. Regardless of BTC or ETH coins you purchase, the platform assures you faster transactions. Moreover, its intuitive and user-friendly interface makes crypto trading a seamless activity. 

So, buy BTC and ETH coins from CoinSwitch at the most competitive price.