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6 Great Ideas for Sprucing Up Your Kitchen

Do you feel like your kitchen is looking tired and cramped? Or perhaps you’re trying your hand at becoming the chef around the house, but you just can’t get into the mood whenever you step into your kitchen. Whichever the case, it may be time to spruce up your kitchen. Doing so will give this particularly important part of your home an attractive and fabulous new look, as well as impress any visitors who see it.

With that said, what if you haven’t the foggiest idea of what you want for your new kitchen? If so, then fret not. Here are some great ideas on how to give your home kitchen a brand new lease on life, as well as to make it the first-class gastronomic palace that it deserves to be.

Hire a professional kitchen manufacturer and designer

If you want your kitchen to be one of the best-looking kitchens in Perth, then you should consider getting a premium kitchen designer and manufacturer to help you out. These companies know what they’re doing when it comes to renovating your old and tired-looking kitchen into a premium designer kitchen that oozes class and prestige in equal measure. Plus, if you want your new kitchen to have your personal touch, they also offer personalized services and custom designs suited to fit your preference. With the professionals on the job, you’ll have a kitchen that your friends and family will be envious of for years to come.

Remodel your kitchen to feature a bar

If you regularly have guests that like to unwind with a glass of liquor, then you should have your kitchen remodelled to feature a bar. It doesn’t have to be a big or full-featured one if you don’t want it to be the centrepiece of your kitchen, but it should be able to attractively store and showcase bar essentials such as bottles of spirits, glasses, shakers, and so on. Make sure to invest in a separate cooler for cold drinks as well as ice.

Swap out your closed cabinets for open shelving

Feature your elegant silverware and ceramic collection with pride by tossing out your old closed cabinets and fitting some modern open shelving in their place. Not only does this showcase your prized heirloom crockery in style, but it also gives your kitchen a bright and airy feeling.

Go with a more vintage style

If you’ve already gone ahead and remodelled your kitchen from the ground up, then chances are you’ve decided to toss out all your appliances for their more advanced and upgraded models. While this is always a good idea, you should consider doing something different with your furniture—i.e. replacing them with older antiques instead. This will give your slick, brand-new kitchen a lived-in and classic look, especially if the antique furniture you manage to procure are styled in elegant Victorian or Baroque aesthetics.

Incorporate a more open design to your kitchen

If your kitchen leads to your garden, your swimming pool, or just the outdoors, then consider replacing a wall or two with sliding glass panels. This will make your kitchen look and feel even bigger than it already is, as well as allow a generous amount of natural light through. If you’re concerned about keeping the elements out when the weather turns harsh, then you can just have blinds or curtains installed. This will allow you to draw them when you need to or when you want your kitchen to be a bit more private.

Consider a pewter or butcher block countertop

Do you get a lot of mileage out of your kitchen countertop as a work surface for your culinary pursuits? If so, then you may want to ditch the granite or tile that you’ve been working on and swap it out for solid butcher block wood or pewter. Doing so will make your countertop hardier and be able to stand up to all sorts of heavy culinary use, as well as provide a striking utilitarian counterpoint to your kitchen’s luxurious stylings.

Go big when it comes to revamping your kitchen

Don’t be afraid to give your kitchen a huge revamp or rework if you get into the mood of changing its look and feel. After all, it’s one of the biggest and most important areas of the house. Consider the ideas we listed above for inspiration and you won’t go wrong in making your kitchen a wonder to behold.