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Choosing a Pure Leather Handbag in 2020

Leather is a timeless and classic material that can add sophistication and beauty to your choice of baggage. But, a pure leather handbag can also be a considerable investment, and you don’t want something that will embarrass you with flaws and early dysfunction.

If you have been hanging around the leather bag market, not sure where to place your money, the following article is for you. Here is almost everything you need to know about making this decision and not regretting it.

1. Kind of Leather Used

There are different types and qualities of leather, and each has its characteristics and features that make it suited or not suited to use as a handbag. It will be important to know what type of lather your genuine leather handbag features, so you know what to expect in terms of longevity and beauty.

The best bag will be made of top-quality full-grain leather, which will be strong and carry its beauty for many years. As they age, full-grain leathers develop a beautiful patina which adds to the beauty of the product.

Bonded leather is made of various bits and pieces of leather that have been bonded together. While these will generally be cheaper than top-grain leather, they will not retain the beauty and will lose their strength quite quickly.

2. Tanning Process

Another thing to look at will be the type of tanning process that was applied to your leather bag. The tanning process is used to treat the animal skins so that the leather will be sturdy and durable. There are various ways that this can be accomplished.

Chrome tanning is the more common of the two and applies chromium and other chemicals in the process. This only requires a few days to complete and is very cost-effective compared to other methods of tanning. Today over 90% of all leather bags on the market are tanned with chromium.

Then there is vegetable tanning, which could be considered the natural and “eco-friendly” method of tanning a hide. This is a far more expensive process than chromium tanning, and it also takes much longer to complete. If you are hoping to make the Green choice, a veggie tanned pure leather bag will certainly get you props from the environmentalists. But, you will probably spend a couple of hundred dollars on the difference.

3. Hardware

After you have given the leather specifics a proper examination, it will be time to check out the hardware components of the bag. Be sure to look over the zippers, buckles, sockets, and straps that are all made of equally impressive materials. If you see that there are parts that are not properly put together, you can bet your leather handbag will start to have problems shortly.

4. Country of Origin & Manufacturers

Leather can be made in all different countries. But, there are some manufacturers and products that are of a much higher grade. You can expect leather from Spain, Italy or France to be especially good quality. You can also order genuine leather bags online which are more economical options from other countries, and some might only cost a fraction of what your Spanish Leather Handbag would cost for something far more suitable. It’s worth shopping around.

5. Price

The price will be another important thing to consider. As you may imagine, your genuine leather bag is going to be the most expensive item in its category. If you are hoping to find a specific item, you will find many quality and enduring items from lesser-known manufacturers or second-rate leather producing countries. These may last just as long if you take the time to search for quality. Otherwise, there are some very nice items on the top-shelf if you can reach deep in your pockets.

6. Your Style

Don’t underestimate the importance of style when purchasing such a long-lasting investment. No matter what your original projections are, there is a good chance that your style may change while the bag is still young, so be sure to find something that suits you perfectly. Be sure ti also has all the specific needs you will have in such an item.

There are a few critical indicators of quality when it comes to picking out a genuine leather bags. It will be essential to keep these in mind to ensure that your leather bag is up to par with your specifications. Keeping these pointers in mind will eventually lead you to the leather bag of your dreams.