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4 Best Ways to Improve Air Quality

Like many vital resources, clean air in abundance is incredibly important to your home, and letting that quality slouch can lead to all sorts of negative experiences. The spreading of mildew and mold, unpleasant lingering odors, and the accumulation of dust particles in the air are just some of the factors that decrease the quality of your air. Luckily, there are ways to improve you air, making sure that no matter what you breathe in, it will always be fresh and clean.

1. Air Purifiers

Perhaps a bit of an obvious tool, but the use of air purifiers can make all the difference in getting your air quality improved. Coming in all shapes and sizes, air purifiers will do their part in making sure your air remains free of unwanted particles. Dust, dandruff, pet hair, all such things light and airborne will be swept away with the use of an air purifier. Just be sure to buy filters for whatever specific brand you purchase, as they will eventually need to be changed.

2. Ventilation

Proper ventilation can make all the difference in making your air quality good. This can be achieved a number of ways, with the simplest being to open some windows and doorways to better the airflow within the house. Wherever air can flow freely, it’ll waft out any unwanted airborne particle. Likewise, cleaning out any air vents to remove dust can serve to better your air quality as well.

3. Plants

For those seeking a more homeopathic remedy to their air quality, there are some household plants that can improve the air you breath. Such plants like Ficus, Boston Ferns, and Aloe Vera can greatly improve the air you breath by removing different toxins within the air. Aloe Vera is especially good at removing formaldehyde, as well as being a good solution for treating a burn if just such the occasion comes up!

4. Dusting

Dusting will make all the difference in keeping your air quality fresh and clean. No matter what, dust accumulation is almost a certainty. Whether it’s from pet hair, your own hair, or other factors, dust is inevitable. plants  the dust off your surfaces will leave less of it to be accidentally kicked up into your home’s air. It’s important to clean your carpets thoroughly, wipe away the cobwebs in the corners of your walls, and keep that dust at bay.

As you can see, there are many different ways to combat the issue of poor air quality. Make use of air purifiers around the home to clear out most airborne particles. Open windows and doors around your home to increase ventilation, and waft out any unpleasant odor or problematic dust. Explore the use of plants to help combat not only dust, but also other harmful gases and particles that may drift into your home. Dust and clean accordingly, making sure your surfaces remain dust free for easier breathing. Whichever one suits you, these tips will help improve your overall air quality.