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Why Choose Cotton King Size Bed Sheets?

There are times when you spend sleepless nights tossing and turning on a hot, uncomfortable bed. Have you ever wondered why you failed to sleep properly? Is it because the bed sheets were too coarse and uncomfortable? If you have spent such uncomfortable and sleepless nights, then you need to know that lack of proper sleep has an adverse effect on your well-being. Not only do you feel lethargic in the morning after an unsound sleep, but your mood is also irritated which affects your professional and personal work. It’s time to rethink your choice for a king size bed sheet for your bedroom.

Uncomfortable sleep is a common problem and one of the biggest reasons for it is the choice of bed sheets. Rough, synthetic bed sheets, such as those made from wool or other low-quality material even result in skin irritation and allergies in people. Thus, it is important to choose the best material and fabric for bed sheets.

Benefits of Cotton King Size Bed Sheet

Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits of choosing cotton-based king size bed sheet as opposed to those made from rayon or woolen fabric:

1 – Cotton bed sheets help to get sound sleep

One of the main benefits of choosing a cotton bed sheet is that the fabric is extremely soft and light. This helps to make you feel cozy. Even a short nap on a cotton bed sheet is highly revitalizing. These bed sheets make you extremely comfortable and help to go to sleep quicker. When you get sound sleep at night, your mood and attitude the next morning is bright, positive and cheerful thus helping you to face another long day at work successfully.

2 – Cotton bed sheets are ideal for all seasons

Since cotton is a completely natural and extremely versatile fabric, the bed sheets made from cotton are ideal for all seasons. When you sleep, your body releases heat and perspiration. Cotton bed sheets help to soak up the sweat and to keep your body warm in the cold winter nights by retaining the body heart. Vice versa, the breathable feature of cotton also keeps your body cool in the hot summer nights. Hence, bed sheets made from cotton are ideal for all types of weather and climate conditions.

3 – Cotton bed sheets are healthy for you

As mentioned earlier, cotton bed sheets are made from completely natural cotton fibers, with no synthetic material added to it. Many people complain of suffering from mild skin irritation to extreme skin allergies when using synthetic fabric bed sheets. Low quality bed sheets, especially those made from synthetic material are not ideally breathable and are usually coarse at the microscopic level. Failing to soak up the perspiration from the body while sleeping and the insufficient ventilation in such materials tends to cause discomfort and severe allergies. Hence, it is highly recommended to choose only the good quality cotton bed sheets.

4 – Cotton bed sheets are easier to clean

Huge, heavy bed sheets become a tedious task to wash. Very often, you feel inclined to use the synthetic bed sheets for one more day before changing them because you know you will have to wash them. Even if the bed sheets do not look dirty, it is not advisable to use a bed sheet for more than 2 to 3 days at a stretch. Unwashed bed sheets have the risk of accumulating dust and can even begin to harbor bugs that can cause painful sores. However, the light weight and softness of cotton bed sheets make them easier to wash. So, with cotton bed sheets you are more inclined to change them as frequently as you feel.

5 – Cotton bed sheets offer variety of choices

There are several different varieties of cotton fabric when it comes to choosing cotton bed sheets. The weave, staple length and thread count are some of the major parameters which distinguish the different types of cotton fabrics used in making a king size bed sheet. Normally, the features of cotton fabric are measured by its staple length.

Staple length of cotton fabric is the length of the cotton fibers which are woven to create the fabric. Short staple length usually consists of fibers that measure around 1 inch to 1/8 inch, long staple fibers measure around 1 inch to ¼ inch while extra-long staple fibers are around 1 to 2 inch in length. For example, Egyptian cotton, which is considered to be the best quality cotton, is made from extra-long staple while American Upland cotton is made from short staple cotton.

Keep in mind these benefits of cotton when you decide to buy the next set of king size bed sheets for your home.

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