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Gold Chains with Pendants as Foundation Pieces of a Jewelry Collection and how to choose them

There are some accessories that will literally save you in those moments when you can’t decide, you don’t have the time or the inclination to think too much about outfit combinations and there is just that last little detail missing to make your look complete. That’s when you need something timeless and universal, where that initial investment in quality will pay off a hundred times over. Very few pieces meet all of these requirements as well as gold chains for women, especially those with a pendant.

How to choose the right one

If you plan to buy any such jewelry piece in the near future, be sure to choose from a certified dealer. Gold chains are an ideal choice for everyday wear due to their durability, but you should also take into account a few other considerations.

First of all, have a think about the length and thickness of the chain you would like. As rule, universal chains are 16 inches long and they tend to be smaller versions of the anchor or venezia style of chains. When it comes to design, think ahead and forget about current fashion trends. And what color of gold would most suit you and go with your other accessories? Yellow gold is an immortal classic, white looks clean and elegant, and rose gold is popular with romantics. Think about your usual outfits and what would ideally complement them. We recommend that you write down your preferences in advance so that you can simplify the choice a bit. So what are the options?

Sophisticated medallions

When we turn our attention towards specific types of pendants, the first timeless choice is a chain with a medallion. These have been popular since the time of our grandmothers and are simple, yet they can still captivate. You can wear them to work but you will also be able to show off in them on special occasions.

The sparkle of precious stones

If you can’t resist shiny pendants, a chain with a diamond or another type of gemstone would be the perfect choice for you. You could choose from classic as well as unusually cut gemstones and if you don’t want to stick to neutral, colorless stones, you could opt for one that will match your eye or skin color. For instance, sapphires stand out well on blue eyed girls when teamed with a chain made of white gold and peridots highlight the beauty of brunettes with green eyes when combined with yellow gold.

Immortal pearls and their varieties

Elegant chains with a pearl pendant have gradually been returning to their former popularity. The preconceived notion that pearls suit older ladies more hasn’t been true for a long time. In a fresh design complemented for example by diamonds, pearls are an accessory that will tastefully decorate a woman’s neckline at any age.

Universally popular pendant shapes

The ever popular hearts and crosses are at the forefront of the list of pendants which combine well with versatile gold chains. They are also great as gifts and are suitable for wearing daily with T-shirts, tank tops, shirts or dresses. And if you like these classic shapes but you also like a little sparkle, don’t despair – choose a gold chain with a cross or a heart which is decorated with precious stones as these add to the pendant’s uniqueness.

Stay true to yourself and you’ll definitely make the right choice

In conclusion, it needs to be said that when choosing, it’s a good idea to focus mainly on your intuition so that the piece you choose is one that will not only last a long time, but you’ll also wear it a lot. The advice from the KLENOTA jewelry studio is that once you’ve found your favorite, you should sleep on it for a few days. If you come back to your choice after a few days and your enthusiasm for the piece you want to buy hasn’t waned, it will most probably be the one – the best gold chain for you.

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