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When To Consider Glass Repair

Frequently, cracked class is a fact of life when windshields, mirrors, picture frames, door glass or kitchen glassware, encounter hard objects.  According to Glass Express, short cracks could quickly develop into longer ones that would cause the destruction of the whole glass item. However, there are cases in which damaged glass can be quickly and inexpensively repaired instead of total replacement.  Details of this, as it related to the windshield of a car, are outlined below:

Distinction Between a Cracked and Chipped Glass

Damage to the windshield of your vehicle can come from a range of sources; however, not all damage is the same. Damage resulting from an animal collision, or a small rock can have quite a different impact on the windshield and how the repair is handled. 

Windshield glass or auto glass is also referred to as ‘safety’ glass because it is actually not a single piece, but instead, it comprises two separate pieces with a layer of laminated plastic in between the glasses. Should your windshield be struck by an object, the design would cause it to break into smaller pieces and prevent it from breaking into a lot larger, more dangerous ones.

Cracked Glass 

In contrast to a chip, a crack is distinctive in that this is a line where one piece of glass has started to completely separate.  These can start off quite small; however, they could (and typically do) expand over time.

Whether the glass is exposed to frigid air or the sweltering rays of the sun, temperature changes could result in expansion and contraction.  If there is a crack in the windshield, expanding and contracting could cause it to spread gradually.

In addition, small particles of dirt could go into the early stages of a crack and could ultimately make the situation worse.  If there is a crack in the windshield, placing a tiny piece of tape over the damage could serve as be a temporary solution to stop the crack from expanding.

Furthermore, the daily wear and tear your vehicle undergo could make a crack become even worse. As the vehicle drives over potholes, irregular roads and speed bumps, the impact will travel through the entire vehicle.  In addition, this repetitive stress could cause the damage to spread.  Aside from these two significant groups, it is not unusual to see a mix of the two and anything else in between.

Chipped Glass 

A chip of the glass can be defined as a small blemish that is caused by an impact breaking away a part of the layer of glass. Typically, this can be fixed if it is sufficiently small.  However, if it is a deep enough chip that it enters the inner plastic layer, you could have to have the glass replaced.  While, on their own, small chips might not be a massive concern, they could expand into a crack.

When to Repair Cracked or Chipped Glass

As can be imagined, fixing a cracked glass surface is typically less expensive than a full replacement. The capacity of an auto glass specialist to fix damage depends on a range of factors like the kind of crack or chip, the location, the depth, the size, and the number of cracks or chips.

As a rule, cracks that are smaller than a dollar bill can typically be fixed.  If the chip is sufficiently small (typically smaller than 2 inches) and sufficiently shallow (typically smaller than 3/8 of an inch), fixing it could be an alternative.  On the more severe end, it could be likely to fix cracks as big as 14 inches and chips as big as 3 inches in diameter (based on the shape and type of the chip).

Furthermore, the depth of the damage is considered when figuring out whether the glass can be fixed.  Remember, auto glass has an inner and outer layer of glass that sandwiches a layer of plastic. If the chip or crack is sufficiently shallow and only penetrates one layer of glass, it could possibly be fixed. 

In particular situations, the position of the damage could impact your capability to repair a chip or crack.  Breakage that happens in the center of the windshield (on the passenger’s side) can typically be fixed. 

Essentially, the professional auto glass repairer may have certain restrictions based on their technical skills.  When cracked glass can be fixed, the process typically includes injecting a transparent resin into the affected area.  After which, the resin is cured and polished, leaving a smooth and transparent finish that prevents the crack from expanding further. 

Repairing auto glass requires the service of experts to carry out the task because it involves risk.  In addition, the average individual typically never has access to the proper substances and chemicals required to carry out repair auto glass. When your glass requires fixing, it is always wise to contact a professional who well understands the process and is knowledgeable about fixing it.  Additionally, if the damage can be fixed, doing it as soon as possible is the best move.  Even a tiny crack could eventually spread, and you will be forced to replace the glass.