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Republican Dating Website Options – Conservative Dating After the Donald Trump Election

Today it’s pretty hard to find fellow conservatives that share your political views and life values on online dating sites. While there are plenty of Republicans who share views of Donald Trump and voted for him (and would do it again in a heartbeat), many social media platforms and dating sites are filled with people who have even been known to literally state that they don’t want you to talk to them if you like Trump at all. In this guide, we’ve got a few best conservative dating site options to help you with conservative dating after the Trump election.

The Most Prominent Sites are the Oldest

While there are tons of sites that have been around for a while, the oldest sites are the ones that have the most options when it comes to fellow conservative users being available. While there aren’t that many Republicans compared to Democrats and Liberals/Independents when it comes to online dating, these sites we’ve found have the most users out there to share your views and practices.

  • – Match has been around for decades, and was one of the first dating websites that emerged around the time of the original “The Facebook” (the Harvard one). There are more conservative people on this website more than any, and you can find love or whatever your heart desires.
  • – While this website has a few less conservatives, there are plenty of them out there who are Republicans that can share your life values. Not only that, this is the second most advertised website in the world, and many have found lifelong partners on it, which makes it a prominent dating site for this list.
  • – EliteSingles is one of those websites targeted for younger and middle-aged conservatives. Just about everyone on this website is above 30 years old, has their career in place, a college degree of some sort, and the website is pretty easy to navigate. This website isn’t quite as old as the other three on this list, but because it has a higher user base, and is very serious about your security of privacy, it’s definitely one of the best ones out there.
  • – Most Christians today still share the same conservative and Republican values as compared to some of the alternative liberal practices. Therefore, you also want someone who shares religious preferences with you, right? Well, this is a great place to start then. Their website is secure, fun, and is one of those websites that is a SFW (safe for work) website.


Trump has done many things for the United States, and there are also plenty of people who are against many of the actions that the 45th United States President has performed. Because of this little fiasco and political prowess that many liberals have, they’ve made it actually a lot harder for conservatives to thrive in a modern world. But have no fear, you can sign up for the sites on this list for free, and get even better paid features that can help you find that lifelong partner or true love on many of these platforms listed here more than many other newer dating websites.