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The Best Gifts for When You’re on a Budget

If you’re someone who loves to put in the extra effort when buying gifts, you’ll unfortunately know how much your bank account can suffer from your loving generosity. With so many birthdays and special celebrations coming back around each year, it’s hard to know what to buy when you can’t afford something extravagant and expensive yet again.

Thankfully, there’s hundreds of different gifts you can buy that won’t break your bank and still make wonderfully thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. Here’s 6 of the best ideas that you can never go wrong with!

A personalized gift

Personalized gifts are one of the best ways to show you care and have put a lot of thought into making them smile. Whether it’s a new snuggly blanket, a humorous mug, or useful stationery like custom notepads, personalizing a small item is the perfect option for both saving money and making the effort. Plus, you can personalize your gifts with whatever message you like, so get creative when thinking about what to say.

A humble book

Whatever happened to the humble book being a special gift for a loved one? For any book worms out there, there’s nothing quite like the smell of a freshly bound book – so why not visit a bookstore for some gift inspiration?  Everyone has their own favorite genre, whether fiction or nonfiction, so think outside the box and decide what authors and topics your loved one might be most interested in. 

A scented candle

Scented candles have a bad rep nowadays – since when did they become such a meaningless gift? Whether you’re a candle person or not, there’s nothing more relaxing than lighting the wick to a new finely-scented candle and running a steaming hot bubble bath to unwind. There’s endless different scents you can choose from too, whether they prefer a light and fruity aroma or a rich and woody one. 

A house plant

Having a selection of plants in your home is scientifically known to have its benefits on your mental and physical health. Not only can house plants reduce your stress levels and boost your mood, but they can also help purify the air by absorbing toxins and producing oxygen. There’s a variety of species suitable for your home too, so just make sure the pot comes with useful information on how to look after the type in the correct way.

A photo frame

If your gift is for someone extra special, a photo frame is a lovely way to show how much they mean to you. Find the best photograph of your most cherished memory together and buy a photo frame to match. You can even write a special message on the back of the print to sum up what the memory in the frame means to you. The best gifts are always the sentimental ones!

A homemade treat

If you’re super low on funds, cooking up a homemade treat is a gift that might take some time, but won’t cost you much at all. Whether it’s sweet and delicious like a sugary cake or even their favorite homemade savory dish, there’s nothing quite as comforting as a home-cooked treat. Remember – it’s always the thought that counts the most so get baking if you want to make a gift that’s extra meaningful.