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7 Signs You Need To Call Sewer Repair And Excavation Services

The two crucial parts of a home’s plumbing system are the water main and sewer line. The former is responsible for bringing clean water into your home, while the latter is what brings dirty water out. 

The sewer line and sewage system may not be the glamorous part of any house or building, but it’s certainly one of the most important. Essentially, the sewer line is what bridges the home’s drain and the sewer’s main drain. 

Surely, all that waste needs a place to go, and that’s to your sewage. A sewer pipe is only around four to six inches in diameter, so they’re not wide. Therefore, you could expect a few clogs here and there to happen over time. This can cause drains to act strangely or, worse, bring wastewater back to your home.

Nevertheless, those are only two of the reasons why you should have your sewer checked and repaired if needed. However, when hygiene and the family’s health and safety are at stake, there should be no bargaining your way out of this. You need to call an expert like But, how do you know when it’s time to phone them?

There are signs that it’s time to call a sewer repair and excavation service.

Water Level Is Inconsistent

A normal toilet bowl is supposed to have a consistent level of water. So, if one day you have a full water level on your bowl and the following day it’s empty, then you should be bothered by this scenario.

In this case, it’s best to seek the help of a plumber to help you decipher what’s wrong. It can be a problem with the toilet itself or an even bigger problem concerning your sewer. If it’s the latter, it’s usually because there’s a clog somewhere in the sewer. Specifically, it’s a problem that could be traced back to what’s known as sewer vent pipes or plumbing vents.

If you’re unfamiliar with what they are, the sewer vent pipes allow oxygen and gases to flow out into the waste pipes. Essentially, if the plumbing vent is blocked, then the pipes have to search for another outlet where they can have access to air.

Your Yard Is Flooding

If it hasn’t rained yet and you find that a particular area near your yard is flooding. This can be because of a sewer line leak. It’s characterized by the following:

  • The grass in those areas grows faster because the soil is more wet.
  • The ground above where the leak is can be mushy and muddy.

While sewer problems are the common reasons behind yard flooding, this isn’t to say that it’s the only cause. It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the other underlying reasons. That way, you know where to put the blame and how to fix the problem if your yard is still flooding, despite having already fixed your sewer.

Some of those other causes include:

  • Your house is at the bottom of the hill. And naturally, after long days of rain, all that excess water is going to be settling down in your yard.
  • Your garden has soil issues, as there are certain types of soil that don’t absorb water as well as others do. 

Meanwhile, apart from fixing your sewer lines, there are other remedies you can apply to give your yard a better fix:

  • Add some mulch, as this can keep the soil and enable it to absorb rainwater.
  • Install sump pumps in your yard.

Your Home Has A Sudden Influx Of Unwelcomed Visitors

No homeowner wants to deal with surprise visitors. It’s not just humans who are being discussed here, but also animals and insects, specifically rats, bugs, and mice. These creatures are typically associated with dirt, so that should hint at where they’re actually coming from.

Generally, the presence of pests is a sign that you need to replace your sewer. It’s because there could be a broken sewer line somewhere, attracting those pests. And if they’re looking for the ideal shelter, your sewer lines are perfect for them.

On the other hand, there are other reasons why your home is suddenly being swarmed with pests and rodents. However, if your sewer has been repaired, but you still have pests, you should consider the following reasons:

  • Your home has broken holes, cracks and crevices, presenting that perfect entryway for pests. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have your entire home inspected so necessary repairs can be done.
  • Because of recent weather changes, your home is now the ideal place for pests and rodents to seek refuge from the cold. 
sewerage truck service and utility workers for cleaning sewer pipes in city street

Your Home Smells Bad

This fourth sign is something you surely wouldn’t miss out on identifying. You wake up one day and your home smells so bad. And by bad, you can expect it to be very bad, where it’s gross. There’s no way that you can take in breathing that air so you leave your home and call the plumbers, hoping for an answer.

Meanwhile, your plumbers will most likely point to the sewer as the cause. It isn’t normal for a home to smell like the sewer does, or at least like a skunk, despite not having any skunks nearby. When this happens, it’s important to call the experts right away, as this smell around your home can also be potentially dangerous. 

You can think of it as inhaling all sorts of hazardous and dirty gases. It’s important to remember that the sewer gas is highly flammable. Hence, if it’s leaking, this may potentially lead to even more danger.

You Hear Gurgling Sounds

Bathroom sinks, toilets, and kitchen sinks are supposed to be relatively quiet. When you suddenly hear gurgling sounds, this can be another sign that you need a sewer replacement. In this case, it’s best to call the sewer repair and excavation company to visit your home. 

These professionals will generally start their working day by first taking a video inspection of the sewer lines and system. Then, a thorough cleaning will be done as the immediate solution to the problem. However, if this doesn’t work, then they’ll most likely tell you it’s time to replace your sewer.

Meanwhile, when traced back to your toilet, the gurgling sounds can indicate a negative air pressure in your drain pipes. Apart from a broken sewer, another reason could also be that there’s a blockage somewhere in your pipes. Instead of flowing smoothly down the line, it’s pushed back, hence the unusual sounds.

On the other hand, it’s important to note that there are other potential causes of a toilet gurgling sound. These are the following:

  • Your municipal sewer system has a problem;
  • Your toilet is clogged;
  • Your vent pipe is blocked.

Your Water Bill Is Higher Than Normal

As you pay your water bill every month, you already know the average price you’re charged for your consumption. However, if your water bill is higher than usual, this can be a sign that something is wrong. 

If your usage hasn’t increased and the number of people in your household has remained the same, this could mean that your pipes or sewer lines are leaking somewhere. Hence, it’s better to consult with a plumbing professional to have your home checked and assessed. 

Meanwhile, if the plumbers see an even greater problem that leads to your sewage system, they’ll most likely recommend you call in the sewer repair professionals to prevent it from getting worse. 

Your Toilet And Drains Are Consistently Clogged

It’s normal to have your toilets and drains clogged once in a while. Debris like hair, small particles of food scraps, and even dirt can get stuck on the drains, affecting the smooth flow of water. However, if it happens too frequently and consistently, then that’s when you know you have a problem. 

Nevertheless, your sewer line gives you the signal that it needs to be repaired or inspected when you experience consistent clogs. A perfect description of this situation is when you’ve just had a drain repaired, and then a few days later, the same or even another drain starts to get clogged again.

Along with clogged drain, it’s another cause of worry when your they’re taking too long to empty. So, before using chemical or store-bought draining products that may even do more harm than good, it’s better to just leave this job to the pros.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to plumbing, you’ll almost certainly learn more about your home’s sewer lines and sewage system. What goes out of your drains and toilet bowl needs a final destination. And to reach there, it has to pass through a well-functioning sewer line. 

Given its importance and the wear and tear it goes through with your daily use, your home’s sewer deserves more attention than you may be giving it. To start, be mindful of signs like those above, as those give you the go signal to give your local sewer repair and excavation services a ring.