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Which Chainsaw You Need: 16” vs. 18”

Choosing the right chainsaw size depends on the purpose of the device. You can choose a 14-inch chainsaw that will be useful for almost all light cutting work. However, the most widely spread sizes are 16 and 18 inches. If you want to learn more, you can read 16-inch chainsaw reviews. If you want to understand the difference between the two sizes, keep on reading this article.

What Size to Choose?

If you have a choice between 16 and 18 inches chainsaws, you need to think about the following. Both have almost the same functionality. However, the difference between them lies in the size of the chainsaw metal arm. This arm defines the exact size of the device: it can be 16 or 18 inches in our case. 

When choosing between those two chainsaws, we would recommend paying more attention to the 16-inch one. Two inches don’t sound like much, but the difference may be very significant. Those two inches add weight to the bar as well as to the very chain and even to the handling. This will result in more efforts that you will need to do to handle the chainsaw. 

Another disadvantage of the 18-inch chainsaw is that it needs a more powerful motor to work. This chainsaw is bigger and requires more space when you are working with it or even storing it. 

The 16-inch model looks compact, and it is a great choice for those who are going to use the chainsaw in their garden, as it is even more than enough to cut branches and bushes. 

Types of Chainsaws to Look For

While size really matters, it is not the only thing you should care about when choosing a chainsaw. You need to look at its characteristics and the fuel it uses to work. Some prefer gas-powered devices. However, to simplify the task, you can buy an electric model. 

Powered by electricity, this type of chainsaw is easier to handle, but it has also comes in two versions – corded and cordless, respectively. Which one to choose? A corded one may seem more suitable, as you won’t need to think about charging the accumulator. However, a wireless device offers you more freedom of action, as you can get anywhere with it without thinking about the distance to the power point.

Some 16-inch Chainsaw to Consider 

When it comes to cordless chainsaws, you can pay attention to Greenworks 20312 model, which is battery-powered. It provides you with 40 minutes of cutting time and is one of the lightest chainsaws of the size. 

DEWALT DCCS690M1 is another battery-powered model that provides you with 60 minutes of cutting time. The battery that you will find in this set is working together with other pieces of equipment of this manufacturer.

Remington RM1645 is a corded chainsaw with an automatic oiler. This is one of the cheapest devices in the industry. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing between a 16 and 18 inches chainsaw is not a big deal. We can advise you to stick with a smaller model, which is suitable for almost all garden works. A 16-inch chainsaw is lighter, but it’s just as effective as 18-inch models when dealing with wood cutting.