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Why Is Jervis Bay a Must-See for First-Timers in Australia?

From the west to the east and back again – there’s an endless list of things to both see and do in Australia. However, tourists from home and abroad keep coming back to one place – Jervis Bay. So, what’s the secret behind this little piece of heaven on earth – does it come down to its turquoise waters or is there something else at play here? It turns out that the secret of Jervis Bay lies in its versatility. While scenic views are guaranteed, the bay also offers a boatload of activities for both lone travelers and larger family groups. With its scenery and wildlife sawed together, it’s a perfect image of Australia – and exactly what makes it the ideal destination for first-time travelers.

Australian dolphins – up close and personal

This list starts with a classic seaside activity – dolphin watching. There’s little better to do than observe these intelligent creatures in their natural habitat – and Jervis Bay allows you to do just! The bay offers several affordable cruises, during which you’ll have an hour-and-a-half-long chance to spot some of the sixty bottlenose dolphins that call the bay home. The activity is meant for both groups and individuals and has an added educational aspect, as you’ll learn about the history of Jervis Bay while out at sea. With that said, there are travelers looking for something other than your typical dolphin cruise – an out-of-the-box experience that still involves these majestic animals. As we’ve said, Jervis Bay has something for everyone and this is no exception. Those looking for a novel experience might like to try a boom netting experience with the dolphins. During the cruise, travelers enjoy a jacuzzi-style experience in free waters with a chance of a dolphin or two jumping in! Although it may come across as too much for a family, the activity is designed for all travel groups.

Whale watching – the Jervis Bay classic

If you happen to be visiting the bay between May and November, a whale-watching cruise will be a mandatory item on your bucket list. At this point, you’re probably wondering why – it’s not like there’s any shortage of these cruises all over the world. While this may be true, whale-watching cruises during this period in Jervis Bay are unique. In addition to seeing whales up close, you’ll get to observe what’s known as the whale migration – a rare occurrence important for these sea giants. During your trip out to sea, be sure to turn around and observe the coast as well. You’ll see breathtaking sights of sea caves and cliffs – the kind you only read about in novels!

Accommodations – with a Jervis Bay twist

At this point, you’re probably wondering why you should be visiting a place just for its accommodations – fair point but bear with us for a bit. While holiday resorts rarely differ from one another, Jervis Bay accommodation is a completely different story. The bay offers a variety of loggings based on the experience you’re after. Thus, a group of well-versed travelers in their twenties might just enjoy the shore camping grounds. They rise with the sun and ocean on their doorstep. However, not everyone seeks adventurous loggings, some seek comfort. Here, you’ll find a wide array of options, spanning from beach house rentals to hotels situated in the bay. Almost all the rentals are family-friendly, so you won’t have to look long and hard for the perfect accommodations in the bay!

An active vacation 

Certain individuals would say that lying on the beach from sunrise to sunset is a holiday well spent. However, some travelers can’t stay in one place for too long and fortunately for them, Jervis Bay has an entire collection of water sports to try out. The most famous water activity in Jervis Bay is kayaking. The bay will let you rent out a kayak for the day and let you explore the waters until your heart’s content. There’s a chance to spot dolphins and whales and explore sea caves hidden under Australian cliffs. If you’re up for a challenge, you could even try to visit each of the sixteen beaches the bay is known for in one day!

If you’ve been reading closely, you’ve surely noticed that Jervis Bay truly does have something for everyone. Thus, the next time you come to be apprehensive about your next destination, think back to this article – in Jervis Bay, you’ll never be bored or lonely!