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5 Awesome DIY Tips to Help Redesign Your Home

Taking on some home redesign projects that you can do yourself is an exciting thing to tackle. You get to make things you’re going to love and when friends ask you about them you get the satisfaction of saying you did it yourself. Sometimes the harder part is deciding what you’re going to DIY to make your home look fabulous.

There are a lot of tips you can find online for project ideas and tutorials so you won’t be at a loss if you fall in love with an idea but can’t figure out how to do it. Depending on the DIY project you want to do you can get tutorials from Pinterest to YouTube. All you have to do is decide what project you want to take on to refresh your home’s look.

There are tips out there from professional carpentry contractors to interior designers. They’ve seen it all and their tips are meant to help anyone from novice to expert. If you aren’t sure what project to start on you’re in the right place. You can get some great ideas here. With that in mind, here are five awesome DIY tips to help redesign your home.

1. Make A Gallery Wall With What You Already Have

Instead of buying a bunch of new pictures and making a gallery wall that could cost a lot of money, think outside of the box. (Or outside the frame in this case.) You can use things around the house that aren’t getting much love right now anyhow. Do you have serving trays you never use? Usually, those have a pretty ornate design. Wicker baskets? Those would work too.

You can paint serving trays or wicker baskets (without handles) the same color and hang them on your wall in the same style as a gallery wall. The color you paint your baskets or trays doesn’t have to be the same as your wall but it should complement it somehow. For example, if you have a mint green wall, you could paint the serving trays a nice gold color.

Using everyday objects that are just collecting dust to create a gallery wall is a DIY project even a beginner could do. All it takes is some paint and nails and you’ll be good to go. You can even plan out where you want to hang things by taping pieces of paper on the wall in the right order first. Once you like where the paper is, replace the paper slices with the real deal.

2. Build A Platform Bed

Before you skip over this idea and move onto the next one give this one a chance. A platform bed would give you extra storage in your bedroom and they’re very trendy right now. They’re also not that hard to make. Yes, you’ll need to be able to measure and cut wood accurately but it’s not a skill that’s beyond most people.

There are plenty of great instructional guides online to help you figure out which platform bed will look great in your room. You can use anything from a rustic looking wood to a sleek highly finished wood. It all depends on how you want your room to look. The platform bed frame can be adjusted to fit any size mattress so you aren’t stuck with a large build if you don’t want to be.

Check out tutorials like this one to help you along the way. The step by step guides will keep you on track and help you feel less discouraged if something isn’t going smoothly. Remember, it’s a learning process but in the end, you’ll have something you can be proud that you made yourself.

3. Spruce Up A Basic Dresser

Dressers are kind of boring by nature. They are usually part of your room that’s more function over fashion. Having a functional dresser is fine but it doesn’t always make for an exciting room. Without spending thousands of dollars though you’re likely stuck with dressers that look like what you’d find in anyone else’s house.

Use a basic spruce up idea to fix that problem. You can cover dresser drawers with wallpaper to make it match your room and stand out as something unique and pretty. You can choose the wallpaper you’ve already used in the room or something that matches the overall theme, it’s all up to you. You can also use peel and stick contact paper if you don’t want to mess with wallpaper.

4. Change Up Your Kitchen’s Backsplash

Sometimes people mistakenly think this is a project that’s out of reach for their budget. Kitchens can be expensive to remodel but changing up your backsplash doesn’t have to be something that breaks the bank. Thanks to removable and stick-on tiles you can decorate your kitchen and create a new backsplash with ease.

Updating your kitchen’s backsplash and tile look will help it look like you spent thousands redoing the whole room. You can find the removable tiles in all kinds of designs online. They even come in stainless steel looks that will make your kitchen look trendy and more industrial, which is super popular in kitchen design right now.

The risk of trying these tiles is low since they’re easily removed. If you hate them, pick a new design and try again. Bonus- if you don’t like the tiles in the kitchen give them a try in another room like your bathroom to see what a difference they can make there instead.

5. Refinish Your Cupboards

Updating the cupboards in your kitchen is another way to make it look like you spent a ton of money without really doing anything at all. Depending on how detailed you want to get this project can be friendly for the novice on up to the expert. Experts may be able to replace parts of the cabinet with glass, while a novice may want to stick with sanding and painting.

Try painting the cupboards in a color that pops instead of something that already matches your whole kitchen. If your kitchen is black and white, think about painting the cupboards a bright green, for example. You can use this as a chance to make your room stand out with very minimal effort that almost anyone can do.


Finding a DIY project to update your home’s look doesn’t have to be overwhelming or too expensive. You can also do the things you’ve read about here with basic skills and shouldn’t have to call in a professional unless you want to. Remember, if you get stuck seek out those tutorials you read about. Your project will be finished in no time and you’ll be able to love it for years to come.