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Traveling Abroad on a Multi-Month Trip? Ways to Make the Most of any Downtime

Traveling is one of the most amazing and rewarding things that you can do. However, one thing that many people find not so great about traveling is the downtime in hotel rooms, airports or train stations. Downtime can give you a chance to rest though and also have some fun. Playing online casino games is a great example of the sort of thing you could do to stay entertained – if you find an MGM online bonus code, then you will have more money to play with.

The great news is that there are also other cool ways to make the most of any rest time when traveling abroad for months at a time. This will actually make your downtime a fun part of the trip and allow you to make the most of it. But what else could you get up to?

Listen to music

Next to playing games online, this is probably the most popular use of any rest time. It is especially good if you are waiting to catch flights, buses or trains. Listening to your favorite tunes is not only fun but also can be done through your smartphone now via streaming services for total convenience. It will help pass the hours and also bring back special memories when certain songs come on. For added enjoyment, you can also use this time to set up various playlists to listen to at future points in your travels.

Get some fashion inspiration

You will have naturally already thought about what clothes you should pack for the trip, but any spare time when away is a fashion lover’s dream. Browsing the internet on your smartphone for the latest trends and ideas can help you to revamp your look or see what has changed in fashion while you have been away. It can also let you see what clothing is in fashion or culturally appropriate for where you are or where you are going next. With all this information, you can check out the local shops when traveling to get the right sort of things to wear. Of course, keeping up with the latest celeb looks and style trends is simply fun and an enjoyable thing to do.

Read a book

Modern digital tech is great, but it is not the only thing you could try. Why not go old school and pack a few books to read instead? This is a great tip if you ever end up somewhere with no Wi-Fi connection or places to charge up a dead mobile phone. There are literally millions of paper books out there from which to choose – whether you go for an old classic or a newer blockbuster, you will be sure to find something that keeps you amused. If you forget to pack one, airports are usually good places to buy them from as you go.

Catch a movie or TV show

Downtime can actually be a total godsend for catching up with the latest movies or TV shows when traveling. When you’re busy discovering new places, this can often be forgotten, which means that there are masses of films and shows to get through. Downtime is a great opportunity to do this and binge-watch that cool TV series everyone is talking about or rediscover a movie franchise you love. From watching every Harry Potter film to making sure that you are up to speed with Peaky Blinders, it will be time well spent.

Write a journal

Keeping a travel journal is not only a great way to stay occupied but also valuable. While you may think that you will remember every great memory from your multi-month trip, the reality is that you will not. A journal that you write as you go helps to avoid this and captures every moment for posterity. Rest time on your travels is a great opportunity to update your journal and get down on paper all that you see, hear and do.

Make the most of your rest periods

Many travelers really understate how important downtime is to a longer trip and what fun things you can do in it. Of course, it also simply gives you chance to sleep and recover from your busy days. If you are looking for enjoyable ways to fill your quiet time when traveling, then the above should help.