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How to Choose Perfume Bottles Destined for Your Perfume

Nowadays, the improvement of people’s living standards comes with a higher requirement of perfume. Customers are no longer satisfied with just enjoying the smell of perfume but also looking forward to receiving different perfume bottles.

However, just like different fragrances can create thousands of pleasant atmosphere, it also has knowledge substantially on how to choose the perfume bottle destined for your perfumes, which Abely can give you the answer.

First of all, what is of great importance to a perfume bottle is absolutely the material being used. Throughout history, people have been exploring various materials to produce perfume bottles, including stone, ceramics, plastics, leather, and glass. However, after a long time of practice, it is obvious that not all the material a good choice for containing perfume.

Perfume usually has volatility as it is a product of spice dissolved in ethanol. For volatile fragrances, a better perfume glass bottle will be the ideal choice for this perfume store. Because the glass is stable and rarely reacts with the composition of the perfume so as to prevent the perfume from deteriorating.

Perfume bottles with a big body but a small mouth are also designed for volatile perfumes as the less volatile fragrance achieved by small bottle mouth. Additionally, if it is the perfume that needs to be poured out to use, the small mouth also enables you to control the dosage better. Currently, FEA 15MM (perfume bottle with a small crimp neck size 15mm) has been the trend of bottle selection, almost all the famous perfume brands use FEA 15mm standard.

Apart from the material, the design of the perfume bottles also needs to be considered. Sometimes we can sense the message of perfume from its appearance.

Due to various characteristics existed in perfume bottle design, bottles are also applied to different perfume. They may tell the story behind scent with unique visual language, and profoundly attracts customers who love it. If we take advantage of the details on the design, the perfume bottle can represent the smell of a perfume to some extent.

According to the degree of fragrance, it can also be divided into parfum, Eau de Cologne (Edc) and Eau de Parfum (Edp).

Parfum is an advanced one, with the highest concentration, 15%-25%. Its fragrance lasts for 5-7 hours. This kind of fragrance, usually, is made of small sophisticated perfume bottles because of its high concentration and price.

Furthermore, to match the noble and elegant style, the perfume bottle used to store this perfume will be designed in colorful color, frosted texture, or innovative appearance. Many distinguished brands even pour their own brand characteristics on this type of perfume bottles, such as the appearance of a female body from Gaultier.

As for Edc, also known as Cologne. Most of the men’s perfume belongs to this kind of perfume. This concentration of Edc is only 3%-5%, and the fragrance can last 1-2 hours. Edc is an economical perfume as its low concentration. Correspondingly, this type of perfume bottle will cater to its economic characteristics, refusing too fancy. What this type of perfume bottle symbolizes is the bare square glass bottle body with a classical black perfume cap.

Concentrating 5% – 10% parfum and lasting for 3-4 hours, Edp, a popular perfume with a soft and refreshing smell, is suitable for daily work. Some of this perfume will add some pigments to make them colored, matching with the frosted perfume bottles, which delivers a sense of high-fashion.

The perfume bottle of Edp is richer in design and color than that of Edc. Beyond regular color lacquering, there are various luxury decorations for high-end markets, such as soft touch and velvet flocking, which give consumers excellent tactile effect, while digital printing and transfer give consumers amazing visual enjoyment.

And if you are seeking for perfume bottles destined for your perfumes that need to be stored for a long time, the glass perfume bottle from Abely can be a consideration. They could provide one-stop services, from the wide range of standard glass bottles and caps to secondary packing boxes. While, if you are struggling with unique perfume bottles with miraculous design, equipped with a professional design team, Abely is adept at providing customized services and has been helping lots of famous brands create new packaging successfully.

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