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Redefining Future Urbanization Concepts From Forest City’s Perspective

Not a day goes by without a new urban development project popping up on the construction companies’ list. What looks like an old building filled with debris or an empty field will soon become the newest architectural trend. Cities undergo constant changes. Nothing new on this.

At a glance, you might think Forest City is just one of the other buildings cramping in your city’s landscape. One of those buildings end up forgotten within months once completed. Ah, and not to forget the hotel chain with a matching name.

Well, what if I tell you that’s not the case for Forest City?

Forest City is the game-changer for urban architecture. It redefines the future urbanization concept, giving us hope of a better neighborhood to complete our lives. Ready to uncover the traits that make Forest City the pioneer in sustainable future urban development? Keep scrolling!


Sustainable development can be defined as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Long gone the days where architects in construction companies planning solely for human development goals. Future cities require buildings with more than just a nice facade. Therefore, top-notch-real estate developers instilled the sustainability concept in their project, and Forest City is one of them.

Large scale project with long-term development period requires thorough research and meticulous planning on the environmental impact. It is not only about shaping the city landscape. The environmental impact on air, water, and soil will eventually affect its citizen’s life quality.

We are not praising Forest City for having all the answers to the problems. However, their commitment to sustainability was portrayed in the way they designed their projects.

For instance, Forest City is designed with free vehicles on the surface, which means the roads and parking lots are located underground.

This design free up more space. It is also a good idea to keep the fumes and harmful car gases away from the main living areas. That’s not all. They also covered the surfaces of the main buildings and nearby areas with plants (which called vertical greening) to generate fresh air in the concrete-filled atmosphere.

Smart solutions

The future is now – might sound cliché. Still, once you understand the smart solutions implemented by Forest City in Malaysia, it is mind-blowing.

The idea of having robots, or better known as Canbots, in community, initially is to assist complaints and suggestions. However, Canbots might be entrusted to juggle different tasks in the future, as deemed fit, once the testing phase completed.

Should this existing robot community trigger your concern towards employment rate, worry not. These robots will be assigned for the most time-consuming tasks. You will still see friendly faces while roaming around Forest City. The staff will still there, ever ready to serve you. However, for the staff to have a quality and balance live, they do need helping hands to ease their workload. Even a superhero requires sidekick, and that’s what Canbots do best!


What is the value of having a future city without focusing on its citizens’ well-being? It is like inventing the car that doesn’t move. Obviously, it is an enormous waste.

Modern world society is expected to be equipped with knowledge, skill, technique, and information for them to survive in this competitive environment. All mentioned qualities for a brighter future are none other than education.

While designing Forest City, one of the identified key industry is education and training. With the idea in mind, Forest City has formed strategic partnerships with an internationally renowned, licensed, and experienced educator. The goal is to see more international institutions opening one of their branches in Forest City. Imagine yourself as the resident- you’ll get easy access to high-quality education without having to commute far from where you live. This education facility makes life convenient, under all standpoints.


A wise man once said, your first wealth is health. Other than a pristine environment and beautiful scenery, Forest City is also equipped with an international standard healthcare provider. The renowned healthcare provider is located within your vicinity, which offers a wide range of medical services. Guess what? The services are appealing enough to boost the medical tourism industry. As pain adds rest unto pleasure and teaches the luxury of health, people from all over the world are traveling to Forest City to receive the best health care services offered in this island.


There is no doubt that all eyes are on this massive urban development project. This high-end development is a crown jewel that needs proper protection from the ill-intentioned people. Therefore, Forest City has planned to invest in an advanced security system to be deployed all across its development.

City’s security efficiency defined by its leveraged connected systems. Apparently, guarding the island perimeter solely is not enough.

Therefore, all residential unit is equipped with latest technology security system. This ensures residents have well protected regardless of their location within Forest City.

Each residential unit security system formed up by a combination of a fingerprint reader, facial recognition, and password. With these up-to-date technologies, any unauthorized access will be blocked within a few seconds. On top of that, residents are able to see real-time streaming of public areas on the Forest Life app.


Forest City has its right reasons to be an outstanding urban development project. While for us, we can’t hide our excitement to set our eyes on its accomplishment. We are thrilled with the idea of enjoying our brisk walk around its neighborhood.

There are more reasons for how Forest City redefining the future urbanization concept. They’ve planned for almost everything, from cultural integration, industrial development to entertainment. All these make the city an all-rounded hub to becoming one of the best townships and setting a prime model of the future city.