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Booking Hotels in Delhi through an online app at Goibibo:

Delhi, the capital city of India is a premier location and is a melting point of different cultures in the country. It is also a montage of remarkable heritage. It experiences a blend of both modern lifestyle and offers a traditional feel of historic India. Delhi stands as the witness of Mughal, British and other invasions of Ancient India. It is also one of the most crowded cities in India and the space for housing is not always sufficient for the soaring population of the city. Therefore, the city continues to develop in real estate, producing excellent realty projects to accommodate its increasing fixed and immigrant population. The capital city Delhi has a population of more than 11 million populations and the metropolitan population of the city soars to about 16.3 million. It is the second-most populous city in the country, next to Mumbai.

Hotels in Delhi:

People go to Delhi for two main reasons, either to spend their vacation or to study or work there. Delhi is an important Indian city that has a huge volume of floating population. Many people go to Delhi, fascinated by its tourist destinations, and choose to stay in hotels or enroll themselves in a college or university there and choose to stay in a PG hostel to pursue their education. 

Paying for guest accommodations and hotels in Delhi:

Almost all of us would have gone through the pain of staying away from home and parents during our teenage days for education or a job. Formerly one has to resort to the hostel accommodation facilitated by the educational institution or take rooms on the share to stay in a place away from home. All those hassles have been eliminated in modern times with the help of Paying Guest accommodations that are widely present in different parts of the country. HOTELs serve as a viable source of accommodations for students and working professionals and render a home-like atmosphere for them away from home with home-cooked food and other comfort and security features.

Some important points to remember before choosing a HOTEL:

There are some basic yet important points to remember, before opting to stay in hotels in Delhi such as,

  • The inmates should make a rent agreement for a year or so, to stay in the property for a stipulated period.
  • The guest has to make sure that they get what has been promised by the authorities of the facility.
  • It is also good to check if the landlord has the necessary licenses and permissions to run paying guest accommodation in Delhi.
  • Check for restrictions and evaluate if those restrictions will suit you.

The approximate cost of paying for guest accommodation in Delhi is about Rs. 12.5K to Rs.17 K for single accommodation and the cost could vary between Rs. 2.5K to Rs 4.5K for two or more shared occupancies.

Paying for guest accommodation in Delhi and Gurgaon:

Delhi and Gurgaon are two major cities of the country where there is a tremendous percentage of the migrant population, who move in and out of the country, mainly for the job. As a result, the hotels are available in large numbers and at different budgets, about the amenities offered by them. There are different accommodations in Delhi for women and men and apart from rendering accommodation these facilities also allow its inmates to use the electronic items in the facility and the kitchen utensils as well.

Students and working professionals can choose the different facilities in Delhi based on their location, reviews, popularity, previous ratings, etc., by taking help from the various online websites and portals.

Paying guest accommodations in Delhi:

Some of the top hotels in Delhi along with the location and cost of accommodation are as follows.

1. Rudra PG hostel:

This is located at Uttam Nagar East, Bindapur, New Delhi. The cost of accommodation per bed is about Rs. 7,000. Separate accommodations are available for both boys and girls separately. Rooms are available here on a double sharing basis. There are a separate kitchen and dining area with a balcony and separate bath for all rooms.

2. Gayathri HOstel for girls:

This accommodation is located at Chattarpur in New Delhi. Rooms are available here on a triple sharing and double sharing basis. The cost per bed here for a month is Rs. 5K.

3. Alpana:

This is one of the finest HOTEL accommodations at Vipin Garden, Dwarka Mor in New Delhi. This is a girl only facility and the cost of a bed is between Rs. 5.5K –Rs. 6K. The rooms are available here on a double and triple sharing basis. All rooms are air-conditioned with wardrobe and bath areas. There is also a separate kitchen and dining area available.

4. Pearl Hostel:

This is a luxurious and exotic paying guest accommodation in Delhi, Located at Sakthi Nagar. The cost of accommodation here is Rs. 21K – Rs. 24K / Bed. There are private rooms, double sharing, and triple sharing rooms available here for rent. It is available only for boys.

5. Matruchaya Hostel:

This accommodation is located at Lajpat Nagar in Delhi and the cost of a bed here is Rs. 14K/ bed. The rooms are available on a double sharing basis and this is a girl only accommodation.

Choosing the best accommodation in Delhi:

Be it a hotel or any other type of accommodation in Delhi, the best way is to book them through online portals such as Goibibo. This online hotel booking platform is popular among Indian and International tourists to book hotels. It is possible to book hotels within a click through Goibibo. They also operate low-cost airlines in Delhi from different Indian cities. In the current pandemic situation, Goibibo makes sure that it lists hotels in Delhi that are well sanitized and follow safe practices for the well-being of their guests. Through this portal, you can book any luxury accommodation in Delhi within few simple clicks. You also check the images, videos, and reviews of these hotels before booking them.