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Is My Roofer Responsible for Water Damage?

Whether it is an unexpected cost or one you have recently paid for, roofing work can be expensive. This is why you want to make sure it is done to a high standard. If you have water damage on your property, you are probably wondering if your roofer is responsible. Let’s examine when this may and may not be the case.

Check the Contract

First of all, you want to review your copy of the contract with your roofer. If the work and parts are still under warranty, then they may be liable and expected to return to the property to fix the damage. Usually, a warranty will last for around two years so if work has been carried out on your roof within that time, contact the tradesman.

Always make sure you have an adequate amount of time in your warranty before you sign any contract. You need to make sure you feel comfortable with what they are offering.

Your Insurer

It can be advisable to contact your insurer for further information. They would be reluctant to pay out when there is possible blame elsewhere. Your insurer may want to know the details of the roofer and contact their insurance company to retrieve the funds.

However, It Could Be the Manufacturers Responsibility

Another party might be responsible for water damage, but not the roofer. Anything beyond two years could be the responsibility of the manufacturer of the materials. If the materials are to blame, and it is within the warranty, then you might be able to claim through them. Again, contact the contractor to discuss this further. A reputable contractor such as C&D Bronx Roofers should welcome calls from their clients regarding warranties, though remember that often manufacturer’s warranties won’t apply if you haven’t properly taken care of your roof over the years.

Mother Nature

You should also consider the fact that water damage from storms and natural disasters are unlikely to be the responsibility of the roofer. If the damage is unreasonable given the severity of the storm, then you could still have a case.

Other Tradesmen

If another tradesman has done work on your house that involves them going on the roof, then it might not be the fault of your roofer. Slipped tiles can be caused by someone else not acting with caution, so you want to make sure you are sure that no one else has caused damage.

No Warranty

If your warranty has expired, then it is unlikely that your tradesman will be responsible for any repairs to your property.

Whoever is to blame, water damage only gets worse the longer it goes without due attention. Once you have discovered who is responsible, you will need to have your roof inspected and repaired. Some damage is unavoidable and sometimes expected. This is especially the case when it has been a long time without any attention or repairs. Any roof, no matter how well cared for, has a lifespan so to avoid unexpected expenses, it is advisable that you have funds set aside if your roof might need work due to the age of the materials.