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CBD for Pets – Natural Protection For Your Furry Friends

The general public’s awareness of the effectiveness of CBD products to support health is increasing all of the time, however, what’s perhaps not quite so well known is that CBD for pets also exists. That means that all of the natural healing goodness of the Nigella Sativa, or cannabis plant, can also be used to keep your furry friends in great shape.

The reason for this is that all mammals have an endocannabinoid system, which means that the cannabinoids contained within CBD for pets also stimulate the cannabinoid receptors in dogs, cats, and every other warm-blooded animal. In this blog, we take a brief look at just how plentiful the benefits of CBD for pets are.

CBD for Pets Offers a Multitude of Health Advantages

As you would expect from CBD for humans, CBD for pets provides powerful support of the body’s systems, regardless of the type of mammal you have as a pet. As missmollysays has explained, the exact dosage to use is something you might have to talk to your vet about, but the health benefits are unmistakable.

It’s important to say at this point that the law prevents us from making bold and unsubstantiated claims like “CBD for pets cures X” or “Pet CBD is a cure for Y”, however, the anecdotal evidence we’ve received from our customers is that the overall support for health that CBD for pets provides is noticeable.

Anecdotally speaking, the myriad of mind and body benefits observed include:

  • Reduction in anxiety and stress disorders
  • Effective preventative treatment or epilepsy
  • Reduction in pain levels
  • Reduction in nausea
  • Improved appetite

Potential treatment for cancer and diabetes

That’s not to say that no empirical evidence exists that CBD for pets is beneficial, but the research is currently ongoing, and we don’t want to make any claims that we don’t know are 100% true.

While they’re not humans, our pets are very much like us in how their bodies work, which is why CBD for pets is a great way to maintain their health. If it’s good for us, why shouldn’t it be just as beneficial to them?

CBD for Pets – Providing the First Line of Defence

The great thing about CBD for pets is that it can be used both proactively and reactively, meaning that it can reduce the symptoms of existing issues, as well as providing a boost to the immune system that will keep your pets healthier. From providing relief from epilepsy and arthritis to reducing anxiety, CBD for pets has a wealth of potential applications.

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Alternatively, should you need any assistance on choosing from the wide range of CBD products we have for both pets and humans, give us a call on +1 (833) 393-4367 and we’ll be more than happy to talk you through your options. Thanks for reading. We’ll be back with more from the home of natural health support again soon.