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How to Curb Expenses When You’re Obsessed with Fashion?

How many times a day do you say, “I’ve got nothing to wear!”

For fashion enthusiasts, this is a first-world problem. It’s the statement that drives them into shopping marathons at midnight, no matter if they’re at home, on holiday, or at a fancy dinner with their date.

If you also are a fashionista, and continuously in the search for the most exquisite outfit, you may struggle with finances, because fashion comes with a price. With 24/7 access to the Internet, you can easily succumb to the temptation to purchase clothes, shoes and accessories. Online shopping is fun, easy and convenient. But when you check your bank account, you cannot believe how little money it is left. Is there a way to spend less and still feed your need for buying new clothes? Yes, there is. You can keep your wardrobe updated with the latest clothing items, fuel your love for fashion, and don’t file for bankruptcy.

Track how much time you spend on e-commerce websites

Have you ever tracked how much time you spend on e-commerce sites daily? Use an app to track each website you visit daily and provide you with a report that details how much time you scroll on each page. Imagine that at the end of the day you find out you spent 5 hours on shopping websites instead of taking a walk outdoor, exercising or spending time with your family and friends. Tracking how much time you spend browsing for clothing items can be an eye-opener and help you change your habits.

Use coupons

To save money, buy clothes during discount times. Most stores sell items at half of their initial price during spring and winter sales, so it’s best to wait for the discount period to purchase pricier items. You can also register on websites that offer coupons and deals for fashion e-commerce websites. Before ordering a new pair of jeans, check your deals provider for Target coupons.

Block some websites

Checking a retailer’s website can help you unwind, but if you end up spending money, you don’t afford it can trigger stress. If you don’t have the willpower to stay away from fashion websites, use an app that blocks your favorite sites. This way, you receive no ads, offers, marketing emails, or messages from your favorite websites. You can also use an app that blocks websites for a specific time period you feel more vulnerable to purchase clothes.

Remove your credit cards

Most fashion enthusiasts enter and save their credit card info on all their favorite retailer websites. This way, they can purchase everything they want with a click. But this also makes it more comfortable for them to check out the items in their cart before really thinking about the purchase.

With no credit card saved on the e-commerce website, you have to get up from your desk, search for your wallet, and enter the shipping and credit card information. Also, it’s wise to remove the credit card from online stores to prevent identity theft.

Take inventory of your closet

Are you sure you need another pair of jeans? Have you opened your closet to check if you have a similar pair already? As a shopaholic, when you open the closet door, with all the clothes stashed there, you feel you have nothing to wear. Even if your clothes are spread around the house, and they overflow from each drawer, you still want to buy more because you don’t feel you have the perfect item.

To make the most out of your wardrobe, you should start a 30-day shop-your-closet challenge and wear nothing else than the items you already have. It can be exciting to put together different combinations and try to recreate outfits with the clothes you own. The best part of the challenge is you save money.

Taking an inventory of your wardrobe can also help you save and even make some money because you can sell the items you no longer wear. But to identify them, you must declutter and organize it because while it looks like a tornado crossed your room, it actually costs you money.

When you’re passionate about fashion, you can buy new clothes without realizing you already own a similar item. This happens because your closet is a mess and most things are out of sight, so they’re also out of your mind when you try to put together outfits.

Take inventory of all the items you have in the closet, and you’ll discover treasures. Remove everything from your drawers, closet, under the bed, and any other place you transformed into a wardrobe. Try them on and get rid of everything you haven’t worn the last year.

Force yourself to wait

Resisting the urge to buy unplanned clothes, accessories or shoes can curb expenses. Most times, when you buy clothes only because of trends, they end up sitting in your closet, hidden behind other clothes that wait for you to try them on.

When you get home, you feel buyer remorse because you spent money on something you don’t need and actually don’t like. To prevent impulse purchases, force yourself to wait.

This means putting on a waiting list all the items you like and wait a determined period (let’s say a week) before purchasing it. Many times, the urge to buy the object passes the moment you get home. After the waiting time passes, ask yourself if you still want to buy that particular item and if you have at least five pieces to mix it with. It’s a cost-effective strategy for fashion, passionate people because it protects them from their own habits.

If you follow this rule for a year, it can help you lower expenses and even save money in an emergency fund.

These are some simple tricks, but they can save you hundreds of bucks monthly. Sometimes you need to change your lifestyle to improve your poor spending habits. But with the above simple rules and the shop-your-closet challenge, you can definitely achieve your goal.

These are some simple tricks, but they can save you hundreds of bucks monthly.