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How to Plan a Romantic Staycation with Her

Now you have spotted your dream woman and for a while, you got so obsessed with her and then you decide, now this is not bearable, then you maybe pop up the big question (depending on what level you are in, either girlfriend or spouse) and she agrees. Trust me that was probably one of your happiest moments. Then you have all the fun time and you decide to romantic vacation away from all the work and the hustle to just spend some time with her. How do you proceed from there? How do make you plan arrangements? Do you have an idea of where to start? What are you looking for? Will she like it? Now, these are the kind of questions that will either confuse you or direct you. Let me take you to the point where you can clearly visualize it all.

1. Determine your budget

The first and foremost thing to do is to determine your budget. This is basically what will tell you if you will be going down to the river or down to the ocean. This means you have to determine how much you have set aside for the whole vacation and how much you will have allocated to everything. In the event that it is a surprise, then you need to know that all cost is on you but if you will be planning on this together, maybe and just maybe she can chip in. Get to have a little extra cut just on the side on top of your budget. Who knows you might decide to add a night or two.

2. What are your options?

The best way to handle a vacation is by getting a variety to choose from and evaluating all your options wisely depending on your taste and the budget. It is good to put into consideration what your lady likes, after all, you wouldn’t want her to be all gloomy. Casa Del Mar is the first name that pops in mind when I think of world-class hotel just next to the beach. It is the kind of hotel that you should actually crave to be in while on vacation. Thanks to all the spice and glamour, they have put together just for you.

3. Make reservations

The process does not end with all the research and fantasy of how much you will have fun. This is actually made more real by you making reservations. Make calls to ascertain that indeed there is room for you and get to ask if indeed they will offer as they maybe had advertised somewhere. If you had spotted something on maybe heated pool, you can ask them to confirm it. At this juncture, you can be ready with the dates and make sure that you don’t make a reservation without ascertaining the availability of the other party. This will be simply pointless. Don’t assume their presence and get to know how their schedule is and maybe hint that you will be having a surprise for them just to make sure that they don’t have other plans outlines. From there I guess you are good to have the time of your life.