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Create a Bohemian Style With These Moroccan Lanterns

Elegant and luxurious Moroccan lanterns add a beautiful decorating touch to any room, patio, pool area, walkway, and entrances. They provide ambiance and a gorgeous atmosphere, and they are weatherproofed to withstand the elements of different weather conditions.

Moroccan lanterns are not mass production items. They are all handmade and hand hammered and have a special flair especially for outdoor areas. Available in many colors and styles, the most popular type is in bronze or stainless steel. For the sides of walkways and for entrances, the light is on top of a post and often has a roof on top of that, so the light is somewhat diffused.

The lanterns can also be a feature at wedding receptions and special dinners as centerpieces, brighten up any type of party or event and be an exceptional gift to family members or friends for holidays or birthdays or anniversaries.

Following are just a few examples of the variety of lanterns that are available:

Alladin Lantern

Handmade by Moroccan skilled artisans, this style of multicolor glass lamp has an intricate design that offers an exotic glow and reflects the art work.

Arabesque Lantern

Using Arabesque glass in this metal ceiling lamp, there is a design that offers a warm glow and reflects that artwork.

Moorish Lamp Brass

In brass, weighing 14 pounds, and with dimensions 42″X17″X17″, this is another handmade beauty.

FADA Lantern

This handmade silver six-pound Arabesque style lantern has red and white carved glass and an intricate design.

Silver-plated or Gold-plated Moroccan Antique Lanterns

These are elegantly made out of iron and are another hand-crafted selection.

Some lanterns feature floral and other intricate and interesting designs throughout the lantern that are unusually cut out. The lights may be uniquely finished with the use of a matte black paint on the outside and perhaps a rich gold paint on the inside. Vibrant colors make the lanterns unusual, and they stand out among other decorations in a major and a very pleasing way.

Where can you get such magnificent lanterns?

Moroccan Prestige is pleased to bring Moroccan lanterns to you so that you can enhance your décor in a unique and gorgeous manner. These lighting fixtures are luxurious and are handcrafted. The goal is to share the enchanting collections of Moroccan accessories created by talented and supremely skilled artisans whose work appeals to an international audience.

Founders Salaheddine Benyoussef and Zineb Atouani work with their design teams in the United States and Morocco to identify gifted craftspeople to design and make their exclusive home accents with an intrinsic style inspired by Morocco’s rich heritage and culture and making use of the artisans’ traditional techniques and exceptional workmanship. Moroccan Prestige mixes vintage and contemporary pieces to bring a magical touch of exquisite Moroccan luxury to you.

We are reminded of the commonalities of people all around the world and the distinct perspectives that make us all unique. The company celebrates the distinctions through the patterns, textures, and colors in the various collections. Light filters strongly through intricate cut-out patterns in colorful glass and creates a beautiful “starry” product.

Moroccan Prestige is also continuing an additional mission to discover even more meaningful ways of supporting the artisans and their families. That is accomplished while the artists are fulfilling the extremely creative and desired purchases of current customers and introducing the charm of Moroccan craftsmanship to all new additional audiences.