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How to Get Your 2020 Rewind on YouTube Music, Tidal, and Apple Music

Music streaming platforms are ending the year in style for their users. Top streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube are introducing a new feature to better the experience of streaming platforms users. These platforms are now offering a curated playlist of your most-played tracks, artists, and albums all through the year. Tidal recently announced the availability of “My 2020 Rewind” to its members. Members can now see a playlist of the songs, artists, and albums they listened to the most this year. Here is how to get your end of year wrap up from YouTube Music, Tidal, and Apple Music. This new year you can also increase your followers on Spotify, you just have to buy Spotify saves, and you will get your followers in few minutes.

How to Get Your 2020 Rewind on YouTube Music

The end of year music wrap version of YouTube Music is called Music Year in Review. This feature gives users a playlist of their most streamed songs for the year. The playlist is easily accessible, as users can find it on the home screen of their application. It has the title “My 2020 Year in Review.” The app also gives users the option to add the playlist to their collection or even download the songs on the playlist. This feature was made available for users back in November. The playlist will also be updating continuously over time. 

How to Get Your 2020 Rewind on Tidal

Tidal recently announced its version of Spotify Wrapped and it is called “My 2020 Rewind.” This music-streaming platform made this new feature available to its users on December 1. The new feature highlights the songs and artists you listened to the most all through the year. There is also a playlist for your most streamed songs and artists for every month of the year as well as the entire year. 

This feature also comes with a shareable graphic that you can share on social media. You can use the social cards to interact with other users on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. To access your 2020 rewind, you can go to the homepage on the desktop or open the Tidal application and you will see “My 2020 Rewind” on the homepage. The platform also released a curated 2020 playlist, hand-picked by experts on Tidal. They plan to update the playlist every week with different categories. 

How to Get Your 2020 Replay on Apple Music

Just like Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music also joined the trend. Apple Music tagged its year-end wrap “2020 Replay.” This feature allows users to see and listen to their most-streamed songs, albums, and artists. It provides you with a playlist of your favorite songs for the year, wrapping up the year in style. Technically, this music-streaming platform allows you to access your Replay at any time of the year, not only in December. 

To access your Replay playlist, you can go to and sign in. You should sign in with the same Apple ID you used for your Apple Music subscription. After signing in, click “Get Your Replay Mix,” and that is it. You can also find it at the bottom of the Listen Now Page on your Apple Music App. 

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