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Is a Marijuana Pre-Roll the Right Cannabis Product for You?

Due to recent changes in legislation that decriminalized and legalized cannabis in several America states, more people in the United States now have access to recreational marijuana. From vaporizing pens to various kinds of edibles, the ways in which to consume the venerable herb has increased considerably.

One particular form of cannabis product that has grown more popular in recent years is the pre-roll. Before, users had to roll their own joints or buy limited stocks from a small number of dispensaries. Today, there are a lot of high-quality brands like Bonsai pre-rolls available to the masses that deliver a strong kick and amazing flavors.

Still, there are pre-roll skeptics who dismiss the product and opt to prepare their joints themselves. The question, then, is whether or not a marijuana pre-roll is the right cannabis product for you. To answer this for yourself, here are a few pros and cons of marijuana pre-rolls. You can visit Smoke Cartel if you are looking for smoking and vaping accessories.

PRO: Convenient

This is one of the primary benefits of a marijuana pre-roll. It’s highly convenient. You can visit a dispensary or order online, then smoke it right away once you get a hold of the pre-roll. If you’re heading out with friends, there’s no need to bring a bag containing the various paraphernalia that you normally need to prepare a joint. There’s also no need to worry about batteries or cartridges. All you need to have is your pre-roll in its carrying case and a lighter, and you’ll be all set. This is especially advantageous if you’re a beginner or if you really didn’t bother to learn how to roll your own joint the first time you smoked marijuana. For medical marijuana patients, pre-rolls are also a great option. Some diseases like arthritis might make it difficult to roll a joint, which makes pre-rolls one of the best solutions out there.

PRO: Cheap

For the most part, pre-rolled joints are cheap. What’s more, depending on the brand, you’ll get more cannabis for a lower price. There are also offers where you can get two or three pre-rolled joints of different sizes in a bundle and at a discounted price. In short, as long as you’re wise about choosing high-quality brands like Bonsai pre-rolls, pre-rolled joints can offer you good value for money.

PRO: Good for Experimentation

Are you a marijuana newbie? Chances are, you haven’t tried a lot of strains yet. On the other end of the spectrum, you may be a long-time user who already has a favorite but is willing to try out a new strain. In these cases, pre-rolls are a good way to discover what suits your tastes best. It’s more cost-effective since you don’t have to buy a lot of samples. Just get the pre-roll and light it up to see if you like its flavor and effects. Again, pre-rolls are usually cheaper, so they’re perfect for trials until you find the ones you like.

A bonus for new users is that you can instantaneously notice the effects as you smoke a pre-roll. This means you can also easily gauge when you need to stop. Unlike edibles, which have a delayed onset of effects, a pre-rolled joint has a very low risk of over-consumption. Coupled with their affordability, pre-rolled joints are ideal as a first experience.

PRO: Availability

It’s easy to find pre-rolls. Most if not all online shops, dispensaries, and recreational stores will carry a variety of brands of pre-rolled joints so you’ll always have options.

CON: You Don’t Know What You’re Getting

Some marijuana connoisseurs don’t like getting marijuana pre-rolls because they want to be sure what’s in the joint. Of course, this isn’t too much of a problem for high-quality pre-rolls. However, if you’re the type who’s very particular and doesn’t want to guess what’s in a joint, then you’re better off rolling your own. Rolling your own joint also ensures that everything you’re using, including the paper, is up to par with your standards.

CON: No “Experience”

There’s something to be said about preparing your own joint. It’s almost ritualistic in nature and adds to the overall experience of smoking cannabis. If you’re after this aspect of smoking a joint, then a marijuana pre-roll is definitely not for you.

Have you decided to try a marijuana pre-roll? Hopefully, these pros and cons have helped you make a choice!