Thursday, April 22, 2021

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Top Bathroom Renovation Ideas That You Should Consider

Do you want to spruce up your bathroom and give it a modern look? If you plan to do a renovation, make sure that you check our ideas. They will give you an idea of the ways in which you can make an update. Some of you want to update your bathroom so that it can match the rest of the home. Some want to give it a good renovation to raise the market price of the home. Make sure that you don’t miss these helpful ideas!

Retiling showers

Retiling a shower is not one of those quick and easy renovation jobs. It requires time and money, but the result is definitely worth it. Tiles are exposed to huge amounts of humidity, which means that they will damage over time. On the other hand, the old tiles give your bathroom an outdated look.

The costs of retiling a shower include two categories: labor costs and material costs. Keep in mind that the labor costs make up to 70% of the price. This means that you should ask for quotes from different contractors to decide which one is the most convenient for you.

When retiling, make sure that you consider the patterns. Don’t go for ordinary ones, when you can have fun and bring an interesting one. The classic subway tiles will bring visual interest. Herringbone tiles are another good option for you.

Update the hardware

In most of the cases, it’s the outdated hardware that ruins the impressions. To avoid this, make sure that you update all the fixtures in the bathroom. Everyone tends to underestimate the small things, but they will really make a difference. Replace the old light fixtures, faucets, and towel racks. This won’t cost a lot but will make your bathroom look like new.

Caulk and grout

Details will really make a difference. Take some time to clean the grouts well. Also, add fresh caulk to tidy up the look. Now, your bathroom will look so clean and renewed. The best thing about this project is that it won’t take you much money and time. You can update your bathroom for only a few dollars.


If your bathtub or shower looks old, then go for a refinish. A complete replacement can be costly, so that’s why this can be a good alternative. A refinish won’t cost you like buying new but will do the job. Keep in mind that this doesn’t apply for sinks. It would be cheaper for you to buy a new sink rather than refinishing the old one.

Add extra storage

If your bathroom looks cluttered, it is time to add some extra storage. Make sure that you use every inch of the space in an effective way. A good way to start is to add some shelves. You can store extra rolls of paper or fresh towels there. Add some pretty stylish baskets for storage that will double as decor at the same time.

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